Let It Go

Every person has been hurt at one point or another in their lives. Some people will hold onto these hurts longer than they should. I know… I was one of those people.

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Our past hurts will hurt us as long as we let them. They will fester and grow if we continue to feed them. And these hurts will cause us to hurt other people.

I’m not sure who said it but there’s a famous quote about hurt people. It goes:

Hurt people, hurt people.

Hurt People, Hurt People

This quote is true. Hurt people will hurt other people, either intentionally or unintentionally. The pain and bitterness one has from a past hurt will rise up and lash out at those you are near.

When I was in high school, I had switched youth groups. Eventually, I was kicked out of the youth group because of some issues happening in the church. This was painful. I was hurt. I didn’t know what to do.

In my pain, I’m sure I hurt other people. I lashed out and said things that weren’t right. I chose to do things that hurt other people.

I was a hurt person hurting others…

I’m not proud of this time of my life. It was a dark, dark period. And it lasted a lot longer than it should have.

This hurt followed me around for years. I wouldn’t let it go. I wanted to hold onto the pain because it made me feel. It was an ugly couch.

Let It Go

I’m almost ashamed to say, it has been a struggle to let go of the hurt I’d experienced. Honestly, I still struggle to let it go. Yet, every day I have a choice.

  • I can forgive those who have hurt me
  • I can hold onto the hurt and bitterness

One of these frees you and I. The other continues to hold us captive. One will allow us to heal. The other will give us an excuse to hurt others.

Choosing to let it go is a major undertaking. Letting go is also a daily process.

All of us have been hurt in different ways. You may have been hurt by:

  • A former business partner who tanked the business
  • A friend who betrayed you
  • A parent or sibling who treated you unfairly
  • A team member who stole from the company
  • Or someone else

Hurt doesn’t come from one specific person. The hurt we feel is from our own unique experiences. Yet you cannot hold onto it.

You have the power over your hurt. You can choose to forgive or hold on. You know what you need to do.

Let it go. Set yourself free. Offer forgiveness. Wash, rinse, and repeat.

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