Why Leaders Need To Be Dependable

There’s always one quality leaders are looking for in their followers. More than their knowledge and skills, leaders want their team members to be dependable.

They want people who will show up. On time. Where they’re needed.

But what about the leader themselves? Can they be counted on? Are they dependable?

Are you a dependable leader?

That’s a good question. And one every leader needs to ask themselves.

Are You A Dependable Leader?

Well, are you?

John Maxwell has said:

Dependability is more than ability alone

Yes, you might be able to inspire those who are around you. You might even be able to raise the profits of your organization to unheard of levels.

But you could be missing the key to fantastic leadership. That is being dependable.

We demand it from those we lead. We tell them to be at the office at 8AM sharp.

So why aren’t we demanding it from ourselves?

In youth ministry, I’ve been frustrated time and again with volunteer leaders who weren’t dependable. They agreed to take on the mantle of leadership but they lacked this leadership trait.

Wednesday evening would roll around and 2 or 3 of the leaders wouldn’t show. To make it worse, there was no notification they wouldn’t be there.

They weren’t dependable. And that hurt the rest of those who showed up. We had to take on more responsibilities and cover more area than if we had those extra leaders.

Being dependable tells others that they matter. You understand people are counting on you. You’re committed to doing what is right.

Choose To Become A Dependable Leader

Much like being on time is a choice, being dependable is a choice.

When you look at a leader, you look at them as someone who is responsible. They’ve made a choice to step up and lead. That’s what you’ve done!

You’ve made the choice to be there. To show up. And to do work.

You know what another word for those 3 things is? Commitment.

Being committed isn’t a difficult task. In fact, being committed takes very little from you.

And when you do those 3 things, you’re seen as dependable.

To be a dependable leader, do these 3 things:

Show up when you’re expected:

As a leader, you have responsibilities. You have a place.

When you don’t show up, you’re telling others that you’re not committed to the mission. You have better things to do.

Stop it, just stop it right now. Honor your word. Show up.

And if you can’t, let others know. We understand things happen. But be honest when you can’t make it and don’t leave your team hanging.

Do what is expected (and more):

Leaders have a mission. That mission is what you’re expected to do.

Carry out the mission. Complete the tasks in front of you. Commit to your work and finish it.

Transition gracefully:

An often overlooked aspect of being a dependable leader is exiting your leadership.

Leadership is temporary. We will have to leave the position at some point in time.

Think about all the time you’ve spent committed to the organization you’ve worked with. You’ve invested a lot of time there.

Don’t up and leave them. You’ve got to transition out of your leadership gracefully if you’re committed to leading well.

Create a transition plan. Let it be known. And follow the plan to the best of your ability.

See, being dependable isn’t half as hard as it sounds. When you’re dependable, it’s all about keeping your word and doing what you’re expected to do.

Question: What other qualities do you see in a dependable leader? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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