Leaders Are Better Together

There’s been a lie going around the leadership circles. The lie is that leaders are loners. They don’t need anyone else. They can do things all by themselves. The truth is, leaders need others. Leaders are better together.

While I was out for a nighttime winter run with my dog Lok, I began to think about how I was a better runner because he was with me. Our time running in the snow enlightened me to the following leadership facts.

Leaders Are Better Together

Having someone with you challenges you to be better:

The run Lok and I went on was only 3.3 miles. Yet I was huffing and puffing minutes into the run. I wanted to turn tail and head home, head hung in defeat. But when I took a look at Lok, he was still going strong.

The look on his face told me I needed to push forward. That if I continued to run, I would finish the last two and a half miles. And I would enjoy it.

Without his encouragement, I would’ve stopped, turned around, and went home. With him, he challenged me to be better.

When you surround yourself with other leaders, they will challenge you to be better. They will ask you hard questions. They’ll expose what’s wrong. That’s what friends do.

Who do you have in your leadership circle that’s willing to challenge you to be better?

Having someone with you will spark new ideas:

A couple of weeks ago I sat down at our local Biggby coffee shop for drinks with Chad Allen. Chad works for Baker Publishing in Grand Rapids and I wanted to get to know Chad better since we lived so close to each other.

We talked about the publishing industry, blog writing, and course creation. Chad brought up new ideas I’d never thought of before.

Our conversation made me think of new ways to monetize my blog and create new streams of income. This one conversation sparked ideas that will carry over into my writing and, eventually, products I create.

When you are able to sit down and chat with another person, new ideas are sparked. You’ll come away from these conversations with fresh insights into what you’re doing.

Having someone with you will encourage you:

Not only will new ideas emerge when you’re with someone. Not only will you be challenged to be better when you’re with someone. But you will find yourself encouraged when you’re with others.

Being alone is discouraging. There’s no one around to pick you up and tell you that you can do it. Instead, there’s an internal voice telling you to quit, give up, go home… You’re not good enough.

This is what happens when you’re alone. Your mind plays tricks and you begin to have negative self-talk.

But when you’re together, with others, you have the opportunity to be encouraged. Your tribe will keep you in check but they’ll also share with you the things you do well.

They’ll be there to pick you up when you fall, when you feel down. Your tribe is great for helping to lift your spirits.

All of this to say, leaders are better together. When you surround yourself with people who support you, you’ll find yourself racking up more wins.

Don’t go at leadership alone. Instead, find yourself surrounded by people who care for you.

Then you’ll be better together.

Question: Who are you better together with? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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