Know Who You Are

Society has created a generation of people who truly don’t know who they are. People have been floundering with their identities for years now. And it only seems to get worse.

The doubts and fears generations past have only continued to build momentum. This has caused us to doubt ourselves.

So many people don’t even know who they are. Let’s decide to change that this year.

You can know who you are

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Not Knowing Who You Are Hurts

Being stuck in the daily grind has been soul-crushing. We’ve gone to work. We’ve punched the clock. We’ve done our duty.

And we’ve been left empty and wanting more.

Our jobs have left us unfulfilled. Our pastimes have left us knowing there’s more out there. Our society has left us confused as to who we truly are.

The effects of not knowing who we are have become evident in our world. Crime rates have soared. Mental health issues have skyrocketed.

We don’t know who we are and it’s hurting us.

Knowing Who You Are Helps The World

Think of the people who have discovered their true selves. The people who know who they are and are living a life on purpose.

These people are making a difference. The people who know who they are have a different countenance about them. They’re helping others and helping themselves.

When you discover who you are, you can help the world. You’re able to put your God-given talents to use. You’re able to live with who you are.

This is what helps the world.

Discovering Who You Are

We’re all on a path of discovering who we are. Our paths often diverge and bring us in different directions but it’s all on a search.

So, how do we discover who we are?

I don’t have all the answers as I’m still on the journey myself but I’ve found ways to discover our true selves.

Help others: I believe we were created to help those around us. Whether it’s the people we lead, the people who are leading us, or just the regular folks in our lives.

We can discover who we are by helping those around us. We see the pains and the hurts. These things begin to prick our hearts, guiding us towards who we are.

Play often: Society has told us that fun and games are something that’s special and only a few get to have. Throw that idea out. It’s false and it’s killing us.

Find the things that bring you joy. Go out and play and have fun. See what stirs your spirit and chase after that joy.

Playing can bring us to a place of self-actualization that nothing else can. When we’re playing, we’re in a unique place.

Rest frequently: Another lie that we’ve been told is that we need to go 100 MPH all the time. This causes burnout and unrest.

We’re human. We need rest. We were created to rest.

Heck, even the Creator took a rest after working. Who’s to say that we shouldn’t?

Something else happens as we take our rests. We’re recharged. We’re energized. We’re able to hear the still, small voices that are overwhelmed by the noise of our busyness.

Take a rest and reap the benefits.

Those are the beginning steps to discovering who you are. We must begin to rediscover ourselves and what we were put here for.

We were created by an awesome God to be an awesome creation. Let’s discover who we are and live in it.

Question: Do you know who you are? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below.

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