Is Your Normal More Amazing Than You Think?

The hum-drum of your day job. The daily commute. The routines you have in place for your life.

They’re all normal to you. They seem natural to you. And they’re boring. At least in your eyes they are. I know these routine tasks can be to be.

But there’s something amazing in normal. Can you believe that?

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We want to fight against normal. The experts tell you that it holds you down. You need to break free of the normal.

I agree, in part. We need to break free of the normal habits that hold us back. But there’s parts of normal that are amazing.


You probably find a couple of talents that come to you naturally.

Playing a musical instrument. An amazing knack for mathematics. Fixing a computer problem. Singing beautiful songs.

When you have a talent that you excl at, the talent can seem boring and normal.

Truth is, there are an immeasurable amount of people looking at you, longing for the skill that you have.

Your normal is amazing.


Where do you live? Is it normal or is it amazing? I bet it’s more amazing than you think.

I often discount the amazing city and state that I live in.

There’s complaints about the weather. It’s either too cold or too hot. Or there’s the struggling economy. Maybe it’s the lack of variety in your town.

Then there are the amazing things that my city has to offer.

We have the amazing Lake Michigan lakeshore. Some of the best freshwater lakes the world has to offer. Bike trails galore. Beautiful state and city parks. People who will go out of their way for you.

We also offer multiple music festivals. The Irish Music Festival, Unity Christian Music Festival, Summer Celebration (no longer held), and much more. People long to come to these events!

If my city has this to offer, I know your city must as well. Take a look around and see what your city has to offer. You’ll find there’s more than meets the eye in your city.

Your normal is amazing.


How many times have you come to think of your family as normal or boring? Probably more times than you can count on all your fingers and toes.

Truth is, there’s no other family quite like yours. Whether it’s your biological family or the family you’ve chosen for yourself.

Take time today to consider the amazing people that are in your family.

You normal is amazing.


There’s a problem with normal. As you can see, there’s plenty of things that are normal to people yet they’re still amazing. What’s the problem with normal?

The problem is we’re too familiar with our normals. We feel like we normal our talent, our location, or our family like the back of our hand. And you might.

This fact doesn’t make normal any less amazing to those that don’t get to experience what you experience on a regular basis.


Here’s the good news. There’s a solution to the problem of normal.

Take a step back from your normal activities or location. Give it a week or two. When you return, the amazingness of your normal can come rushing back.

I had this experience with the Unity Christian Music Festival.

Unity just held it’s 12 event. It’s normal around Muskegon.

I’d taken a step back and not attended the festival for a couple of years. This year I attended again. It blew me away.

My normal had changed. And it was amazing.

So be willing to take a step back. Let your normal reorientate. Your normal can become amazing again.

Question: How is your normal amazing? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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