How To Create The Culture Within Your Organization

Lots of people are talking about corporate culture and how they want their organizations to be known for theirs.

After all, companies like Google and Amazon are known for the culture their company permeates.

But how does an organization create a corporate culture when one has never been defined? It’s difficult because there’s been a culture that’s evolved since no one stepped up to direct the culture.

It’s now your duty to create the culture you want.

This is how you do it:

Model the behavior you want to see: Do you want the culture of your organization to be laid back and easy going or do you want your organization to look like it’s worth a million bucks?

You have the power to shape the culture. To do so, you must model the behavior you want seen.

This means dressing the part. This means acting the way you want others to act. This means doing the things you want done, done.

Hire those who fit the culture: Hiring candidates or accepting volunteers to join your company can impact your organizational culture.

Seek out team members who fit the mold of the culture. Avoid those who do not fit with the way you want your organization to be.

Mentor team members: You can shift the culture by taking younger team members under your wing. Show them the ropes and gently guide them in the path you want them to go.

By mentoring your team members, you can show them you’re the real deal and living out the corporate culture you’ve promoted. You also get buy-in from the group as they learn you are authentic.

Share credit: Something great happens when you begin to spread the credit for great things. Whether it’s landing the big client, bringing in new congregants, or expanding the business, be willing to spread the love around.

Give examples of how different team members helped bring the organization to the next level.

You’ll see your staff begin to pull together because they realize their efforts are being recognized. That’s good for culture!

Create a chance to grow: Your culture probably wants to see your team grow. You want to see them expand their knowledge, take on new challenges, and succeed.

This requires giving them a chance to grow.

Offer opportunities to:

Get a higher education

Step into a new leadership role

Learn something new

Accept a challenge

When your team grows, your organization grows. Let your team know you’re behind their desire to learn!

Good corporate culture doesn’t happen. It takes hard work, especially from the leaders of the organization.

Be willing to step forward and lead the way.

Question: How do you shape the culture within your organization? Share your tips in the comments section below.

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