How Being Thankful Will Change Your Perspective On Life

You’ve been there. You’re getting ready to head into the office when your baby boy begins to scream his pretty little head off.

Ugh! You’ve had it. He knows how to pull your strings and get you to react. And you do.

Be thankful, change your life

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You turn around and walk back through the door. You pick little Billy up. All while telling him it’s going to be okay.

While you’re angry you had to go back into the house, you also realize something. You’re a father. You’re holding a beautiful baby in your hands. That baby, he’s yours!

Your level of thankfulness for your screaming boy may not be at its height when you have to deal with tantrums and outbursts. Yet when things calm down, your gratitude, your thankfulness begin to return. You realize just how lucky you are to have him in your life.

Unthankfulness Brings You Down

In that brief moment when your child was screaming, you weren’t thankful. You were probably angry. You became frustrated because your child made you late to the office or he spits up on your dress shirt.

These moments of unthankfulness brings us down. We fail to see the joy life brings and how blessed we truly are.

Our minds begin to wander to the most negative outcome possible. Or we choose to see people as a perpetrator rather than a friend. Maybe you even think no one likes you.

You have to be careful with your thoughts. Being unthankful will make you see the world in a different light.

How Being Thankful Will Change Your Perspective On Life

Being thankful changes how you deal with a lot of things in your life. When you’re angry, upset, bitter… life is a lot less happy.

But when you shift your perspective… When you begin to see the world and all the blessings she has brought you… Life begins to look a little more up.

It’s hard to be grumpy or sad when you realize how much you truly have. How much you’ve been given. Especially when you don’t deserve what you’ve received.

Thankfulness brings about joy and happiness. You know you’ve been given something special.

Think of a time when you were truly thankful. How did your thankfulness make you feel? Where you angry? Upset? Frustrated?

Probably not. Instead, you felt joy. You felt peace. You probably even felt excited.

Thankfulness changes our attitudes and the way we think. It shows us we are wealthy beyond what we think.

Question: What are you thankful for? Share your thoughts in the comment section. I already have.

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