Get People To Volunteer

What’s the hardest thing to do as a leader? If you’re like me, it’s finding people to buy in and give their all. There’s many times where we place people into positions thinking they’re a good fit. Only to find out they’re not.

Part of the problem is we assign people to tasks. They’re handpicked by us. We want them for the position.

But are they right for the position?

Instead of choosing people to a job position, begin seeking out volunteers for the position.

Now, this doesn’t mean we don’t pay them. This means we’re seeking out people who are looking to expand their influence and take on greater responsibilities.

Why would we want to seek out volunteers instead of appointing someone to a new position?

Something unique happens when we begin adding volunteers to the team. Our teams start to flourish.

This odd paradox seems to have been lost in the business world. Instead we seek out those we feel should be on the team.

Non-profits have discovered this secrets. Organizations like the Red Cross, the Youth Volunteer Corps, or your local church.

Volunteers bring a special ingredient to work when they come. They bring a passion and desire to do the best work they can.

They know they have something to offer. They feel there’s a cause behind their work. They see purpose.

When you get people to volunteer, they begin to create magic.

There’s enthusiasm and excitement. There’s the sense change is happening.

There’s also the feeling that the team members actually want to be there.

Question: How are you seeking out volunteers for your team? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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