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Negativity constantly flows from news reports about the lack of opportunity.

There’s nothing out there! No one is hiring! New businesses are failing!

These are the messages being put out on TV and in newspapers. They’re scary messages.

That’s the point for these media outlets. They know that fear sells.

And yet there’s a different mindset with those who are actually trying to do something. There are people who have shut off the TV, closed the newspaper, and discovered the world isn’t scary.

In fact, there’s a wealth of opportunity out there for them.

Who’s Found Opportunity?

My friend Kimanzi Constable found opportunity when he could have stayed in a safe position. However, he knew better. He knew more was out there. That’s why he quit his job as a bread delivery man and began helping people.

He found so much opportunity and success that he was able to move him and his family from Wisconsin to Hawaii.

That’s just one story of the opportunity that’s out there.

There’s also Jeff Goins. Jeff quit his job to pursue his passion of writing. He left and has found great success in what he’s doing.

Or what about Paul Sohn who’s helping to equip Christian leaders to rise to the top. He’s really rocking it out.

And then there’s myself. I’ve found opportunity to grow and build an audience by stepping out and writing on this blog.

I could go on and on with the list of people who have found and seized opportunities in their lives. Yet that grows old. Especially when you’re still seeking opportunities.

How To Find Your Opportunity

The world is full of opportunity if you begin to look for it. It’s waiting for you to find the opportunity that’s meant for you.

You’re probably wondering how you find this opportunity, right? While it’s easy it’s also a difficult process.

To find your opportunity, you’ve got to begin putting yourself out there to the world. You’ve got to make yourself available for things to begin to happen.

That’s how you find your opportunity. Opportunity to lead. Opportunity to thrive. Opportunity to change the world.

By stepping out and letting the world know you’re there, you’ve taken the one step that will lead you to opportunity.

The journey you’re stepping onto isn’t always fun. Oftentimes it’s frustrating and you want to quit.

But if you quit, you’ll never find the opportunity that you’re looking for.

Question: Have you taken the step to finding your opportunity? If not, what’s holding you back? If so, what’s happened since you put yourself out there? I want to hear about it in the comment section below.

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