Fear Cannot Win

Have you ever been scared? Really scared?

I remember growing up and having intense bouts of fear. One of those fears was the belief I was going to be left behind in the Rapture (the Biblical kind).

The fear crept in whenever I would return home and find the house empty. Mom, dad, sister, brother… Nowhere to be found.

Don't let fear win

Image by Evan Rummel

What was to be found was fear. Fear I wasn’t good enough. That I’d done something unforgivable. Or that I wasn’t a true believer.

Except the fear was unfounded. I hadn’t been left behind during the Rapture. The Rapture never happened and my family was just out and about on their daily business.

You ever have fear like that? It’s petrifying.

What Fear Does

For me, fear paralyzed me. It sent my mind racing and trying to figure out WHY I was left behind.

As I moved towards adulthood, fear still paralyzed me. But instead of the fear of being left behind, I feared I wasn’t good enough. I didn’t measure up. No one liked me.

Fear held me in a bad place. One where everyone else was against me. And I didn’t want to move forward because of the crippling fear.

That’s what fear does. Fear stops you and I from taking steps forward. Fear halts our lives.

Fear Cannot Win

But I want to tell you something. FEAR CANNOT WIN. Not for you or I. Fear cannot win.

Instead, we’ve got to be on the lookout for fear. We’ve got to recognize the fear in our lives. Then we’ve got to tell fear “NO MORE!”

Until you begin to tell the fear of:

I’m not good enough

No one likes me

My faith is too weak

The business is going to tank

Everyone I love will leave me

Or any litany of other fears…

You cannot live in the glory you were meant to live in.

So, don’t let fear win today. Or tomorrow. Fight the good fight.

Tell fear: No more.

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