Whom Are You Here For

What do you want people to say when you’re dead and gone? The answer typically revolves around being a good friend, a loyal husband, someone who cared.

Each of these answers is telling. The answer isn’t about making more money, buying more big boy toys, or having a bigger house.

We are not here for ourselves

None of those things are truly important when the time comes.

People want to be remembered for the lives they touched.

If the first set of answers resonated with you, then the answer to the title of this blog post is: Not me. You’re not here for you. You’re here for others.

Whom You’re Here For

Our lives were never meant to be solely about ourselves. Our lives were meant for something more.

You were meant to positively touch the lives of those you’re around. Your parents, your spouse, your children, your team at work, and others.

Every person you come in contact with, you are able to leave a lasting impression upon.

Yet so many of us are ignorant of this fact. We live our lives as though we’re  here for ourselves.

I’m not here for me. You’re not here for you. We’re here for each other.

Begin living that way.

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