Everyone Has Value

Have you ever played a game of chess? It’s a game of strategy. It’s also a game of value.

Don't discount the value of your team

Each chess piece has value. Each piece has its purpose.

From the Pawn to the King, there’s value to be had.

Everyone Has Value

Much like chess, every member of your team has value.

From the janitor to the salesman to the CEO. Each person brings a unique skill to the table.

Take the janitor for example. He takes pride in keeping the shop floor clean and safe. He also takes out the trash in the office area and makes sure any messes are cleaned up.

This can add tremendous value that we don’t see.

The clean shop floor provides for safe transport of materials. Team members will feel better because there’s a sense of calm with an uncluttered floor.

Then there’s the front office. By taking out the trash, the janitor removes old food that smells or cleans the toilets to provide a tranquil bathroom experience.

Is this any less valuable than someone making sales or plotting the course of the company?

If you ask me, it’s not less valuable. It’s a different value.

Let’s take this a step further…

Say the janitor is gone. And no one is paying attention to the duties he once performed.

The floors are cluttered. Trash in the front office is overflowing. There’s even a stench wafting from the bathroom.

Now, bring in a customer. Have him tour the plant. Have him go into the sales office which is by the rank bathroom.

Can you see the value? Can you see the atmosphere this single person or crew brings to the organization?

Their value is there. It’s different but it’s there.

Treat People With Value

It’s easy to overlook someone such as the janitor. Or a lineman.

They’re doing what too many people see as a simple job. Anyone could do it, right?

The thing is, they’re doing hard work for YOU. They’re doing hard work for the company.

The work they do may be considered menial but it is valuable.

Not only that, every employee is valuable.

Each person that works for you has skill and worth. They’re someone’s son or daughter. Husband or wife. Father or mother.

Don’t overlook the value these men and women bring to you.

Question: Have you ever forgotten the value of an employee? Why do you think this happened? Share your story in the comment section below.
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