Don’t Arrive At The Top By Yourself

The drive to succeed beats within all of us. Some feel the thump of success more than others.

You’re one of those that get into the rhythm and feel the desire. You’re wired for success.

You want to see dreams come true and missions accomplished.

In our pursuit to rise to the top and succeed, we run the risk of arriving at the top alone. It’s one of the reasons many “successful” leaders say leadership is lonely.

They leave a trail of broken relationships in their wake.

A Trail Of Bodies

Have you seen leaders who will do anything to get to where they’re going?

We’ve seen examples of this in other businesses. Enron. WorldComm. And others

Their leadership left a trail of bodies and broken relationships. Though at one point they were considered the top in their fields.

Maybe it’s leaving your family behind while you climb the corporate ladder. Nights and weekends are spent at the office while your wife and children are at home wishing they could spend quality, heck any kind of, time with you.

Instead you’ve put the company above the needs of your family. They’re being left at the bottom while you’re rising to the “top” of your game.

Head Back Down

“Look around when you arrive at the top. If you’re all alone, you didn’t lead.”

If this sounds like you, I’m sorry. That’s a rough position to be in. But I’ve got some great advice for you.

You can turn around and collect the others.

You’ll have to go back and rebuild relationships. You’ll have to make the wrongs right. You’ll have to fall on your sword and admit your wrongs.

Once you’ve humbled yourself and realize there’s more to leadership than arriving, you’ll know that you must do this.

Begin The Ascent Again

Have you gone back and collected those you left behind? I hope so.

Now it’s time to begin ascending the mountain of success again. Keep this in mind:

  • Your success depends on others. Don’t neglect them.
  • Completing this journey by yourself is empty
  • Make time for family and friends. This is what really matters in life.

When you remember these three things, your climb won’t be so lonely and you won’t arrive at the top by yourself. Instead, you’ll have brought others with you.

Isn’t that what leadership is all about?

Question: Have you climbed the mountain of success by yourself? What have you discovered along the way? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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