Do You Know What You’re Communicating To Your Customers?

I was recently perusing Facebook. I do this from time to time to kill time and see what’s going on in my area.

I’ve joined multiple local groups on Facebook. On this day, what I saw saddened me.

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A local businessman was being criticized for what he had posted on his personal Facebook page. When I looked deeper, I could see why he was being criticized.

This business owner had chosen to share racially insensitive memes on his Facebook page.

You’re Always Communicating

I’m not sure what this business owner was thinking when he shared these memes. Was he even thinking at all?

I don’t know… What I do know is that he was communicating with his customers and potential customers.

He didn’t communicate that his restaurant was opening and inviting to all. His communication showed he may not want a certain clientele to frequent his business.

You may think this business owner had posted this social media content on his business page. He did not. All of the memes were posted on his personal page.

Yet people still saw the content he was posting. The content was disturbing and sad. It degraded people and made them less than.

And, while this content wasn’t on his business Facebook page, people knew what business he owned. Past and potential customers were then alerted in a local Facebook group.

People were not happy. They were disgusted. Many were incensed over the memes.

The business owner was communicating with his customers. He just didn’t know it.

You’re communicating with your customers too. Any time you share something on social media or in an email, you are communicating.

You may believe you’re only communicating with a single person or a close group of friends. However, things can quickly get out of control.

People will take screenshots. People will forward emails. And people will share their feelings over what you will communicate.

Be Wise In Your Communication

You have to be wise in your communications. Especially when you’re communicating in a public forum.

People are watching you. They’re listening to what you are saying. And, sadly, some are looking for ways to use what you’re saying against you.

For this reason, be cautious. Be wise… in what you communicate.

Be wise when posting to social media. Many people will see what you’re sharing there. They will use your words and posts to attack you and tear you down if you’re not careful.

Be wise when emailing someone.  You may send that email to a single person. However, you have no control where the email will go afterward. The person you communicated with could send it to 100 friends. You would never know until you feel the backlash from your words.

Be wise when creating a website. Your website is your home base. You own that property. You may also believe you have free reign to say what you will.

Truth is, you do have free reign to say what you will. People also have free reign to take what you said, share it with others, and find fault with what you have said.

Think about what you’re going to share on the internet before you share it. Your words and content will spread around the world and you won’t have the ability to stop it.

You’re always communicating with your customers. You need to be aware of what you’re communicating and how it will be taken.

Question: Have you ever found yourself in a bad spot because of something you shared on social media? What did you do? Share your experience in the comments below.

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