The Difference Between Being Knowledgeable And Wise

There’s a lot of confusion today. Very smart people are acting in ways that are ungentlemanly and unwomanly.

The bravado and arrogance shown betray what they know.

Have you met someone like that? I know you have.

Wisdom is better than knowledge

Image by Andy Rennie

This arrogance and bravado show the difference between a knowledgeable man and a wise man.

What A Knowledgeable Man Does

You’ve met a knowledgeable person before. You can begin to tell one the moment you start to speak with them.

Verbose words flow from their mouths. Cockiness exudes from their pores.

Something within you is repulsed when you met this type of person.

The knowledgeable man shows off through his words and what he knows. He makes it plain as day that he KNOWS what he’s talking about. And he’s not afraid to show it.

A knowledgeable man is proud. A knowledgeable man is arrogant. A knowledgeable is a blow-hard.

What A Wise Man Does

Wise men take a different approach to sharing their knowledge than a knowledgeable man does. The wise man has taken the knowledge he has and has applied it to his life.

He knows there’s more to life than KNOWING the facts.

A wise man knows he may know some facts but he doesn’t know them all. A wise man knows he may be smart but he doesn’t have to throw his intelligence in others’ faces. A wise man is willing to learn more.

Dr. Adrian Rodgers once said

Knowledge is proud that it knows so much; wisdom is humble that it knows so little.

Be A Wise Man

This quote on knowledge and wisdom by Dr. Rodgers perfectly describes the two opposing styles of life.

The knowledgeable person has to show off what he knows. He has to take pleasure in seeing others realize he’s so smart. He has to be known.

On the other hand, the wise man knows a lot but he also realizes there’s so much more to learn.

The wise man is content to continue his education. The wise man is able to be taught new things. The wise man is humble and willing to learn from all.

Be a wise man, and leader, today. Realize you don’t have it all together. Realize there’s more life lessons to learn. Realize there are smarter people than you.

As Yoda would say: Much to learn you still have my young padawan.

Question: Have you been a wise man or a knowledgeable man? How can you change this? Let’s talk about it in the comments section below.

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