How To Deal With Success As A Leader

As we inch closer and closer to success, you may notice things begin to change. I’ve seen it happen with friends of mine.

They start to act differently. They make different, sometimes unwise, choices. They look at life differently.

Then there are those who stay true to who they are. They walk the talk. They are the real deal.

Both are dealing with their success. Just not in the same way.

Deal with success properly

The Wrong Way To Deal With Success

My heart breaks when I think of people who are considered successful yet their lives are falling down around them.

Marriages are destroyed. Families are torn apart. Businesses that appear stable crumble and fall.

Lately, I’ve watched as successful people have cheated on their wives and failed to heed the advice of others. I’ve seen others spend their money until they’re broke.

These are signs that your success isn’t really success. Their success is an illusion. Or maybe what I’m seeing is their version of success.

It’s not my version of success, though. And I hope it’s not your version of success.

The Right Way To Deal With Success

There’s another way to deal with success. One that I think is much more appropriate, especially for leaders who value integrity and their families.

Give Back: Success isn’t for you alone. Success is for others to share in as well.

When you experience success, don’t hold back from others. Open up and share with those you care about and lead.

Spend Time With Family: You didn’t get to be successful by yourself. You had a team cheering you on at home. Don’t neglect your family.

Next to God, your family is your next most important priority. Or, as a good friend of mine put it, your family is your most important customer.

You can’t neglect them as you reach higher and higher levels of success. Bring your family along with you.

Prepare for the future: We’ve all seen successful football or basketball stars who are making millions. They look like they have everything a man could want.

Then, boom! They retire from the game and they’re flat broke. We’ve also seen this with musicians and actors.

They failed to prepare for the future. A future where their success wasn’t guaranteed to continue providing an income.

If you’re experiencing success today, don’t forget about tomorrow. You have to prepare a plan to ensure you have a successful future as well.

Remeber Who You Are: Success can give people a big head. They see themselves as bigger than they are. Or they feel they have to change to match their level of success.

You don’t have to change just because you’re experiencing success. You’re still Bob or Linda or Jeff.

Who you are at the core hasn’t changed. You are who you are.

Then again… Maybe that’s why people who deal with success the wrong way deal with it the way they do.

But I know you. And you know you. You want to do the right thing. So do it.

Becoming successful brings on many temptations to change. Success also gives you many opportunities to do the wrong thing.

You have a choice. You can either do what’s right or do what’s wrong. The choice is yours.

Question: How are you dealing with your success? Share your tips in the comment section below.


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