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A career as a blogger can seem like a dream for many. The thought of sitting at your laptop and writing about something that you are passionate about, are an expert at, and something that can enhance your readers’ lives can be life-affirming. Blogs that make a difference are few and far between. Many people begin a blog, write a couple of posts, notice that no one has read them, and then give up. Blogging is a long game, and you have to commit to increasing your readership levels to develop a following that morphs traffic into money. Take a look at these blogging success hacks for all.

Write What You Know

Don’t try to be someone else when you are blogging. Just because there aren’t many bloggers out there writing about the joys of hydraulic systems from across the globe doesn’t mean you should give this a go if you know nothing about it. Think about what you love and what you are good at. This blog is a slow burner that you need to build up over time. There are hundreds of thousands of travel blogs that are poorly written and cover the same old Thailand backpacking ground. You need to bring something new to the blogger sphere. Do you solo travel with nothing more than a backpack and one pair of shoes? Are you traveling and checking in to all of the bars beginning with ‘B’ across the globe? Be niche and the readers will come to you.

Advertising Your Blog

While you can always use social media to show off the delights of your blog, you can also employ some pay-per-click advertising to market your blog on other sites. Websites that relate to your blog, such as a holiday site for a travel blog or a DIY site for your tiling, a blog is the perfect channel to place your ads. Every time someone clicks on this ad and ventures to your blog will cost you money, but this could be well worth it. Paid adverts can enhance the growth of your readership levels at speed. This can lead to a more loyal following for your blog and help ensure that your posts provide information and entertainment to the maximum number of people possible.

Making Money

When you have the readers and the traffic, other related businesses and companies will be eager to tap into your target market. If you write about gardening and you have a complementary social media following, garden centers, spade makers, and seed propagators may get in touch to ask you to review their products. This can be a great little money earner. Alternatively, they may ask to post an advert on your site that generates you money every time one of your visitors clicks on it. 

Get the readers by linking your blog with your social media platforms. Post links back to your blog posts from your Twitter feed and tap into your social media following as a way to get more readers for your blog.

Follow this simple guide and you can take a successful foray into the world of blogging and make some extra cash.

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