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The newest Winnie The Pooh movie was released a few months ago. In it, Winnie The Pooh arrives at Christopher Robin’s house to find a note. The note read “Gon Out Bizy Back Soon.”

Winnie The Pooh could not read the letter so he brought it to Owl. Owl, thinking he was very wise, read the letter.

He came to the conclusion that Christoper Robin had been abducted by the Backson Monster. The Backson Monster is supposed to be a mischievous and ruthless monster.

The 100 Acre Wood gang decided they would trap the Backson Monster and free Christopher Robin from his evil grasp. Throughout the movie, they face many trials and tribulations trying to set the trap for the Backson Monster.

In the end, they found out Christopher Robin had not been kidnapped by the Backson Monster. Christopher had left the note to let the gang know he was busy and would be back soon.

“Confidence is the feeling you have before you understand the situation.”
— Unknown

I think we can all relate to this story.

You and I often fall into the same trap that Owl found himself in. We receive a message. We think we have correctly deciphered the message. We confidently go forward.  Only we have it all wrong. We have created our own Backson Monster.

Just like the 100 Acre Gang we set out to take care of the monster. We set traps, we recruit others to our team, and we lie in wait.

The only problem is, we imagined the problem and it is not reality. We have created a problem that does not exist.

What can you do to avoid situations like this? Here are three suggestions:

  • Ask Questions
    If you are unsure of what someone has said, approach them and ask them to clarify what they meant. This helps clear the air and opens up a direct line of communication. If there is any further confusion, ask more questions. Once you are satisfied and know what is expected, execute the task.
  • Examine The Situation
    Had Owl and the gang taken the time to examine the situation, they may have realized Christopher had left the note and was not in danger. He had the time to leave a note and explain where he was.
    In most situations, you can take the time to examine it. Find out what is going on and if there really is a problem.
    If there is a problem, take action. If there is no problem, no action is required.
  • Consult With An Adviser
    Consult with someone who is wiser and has more knowledge than you do. Tell your counsel the issue and ask them for their opinion. They may see the situation in a different light and guide you in the proper direction.

There will be times when you believe you know what is happening but you are incorrect. Your incorrect belief could lead you on a wild adventure much like the one in Winnie The Pooh.

Every situation has changed me as a person.
— David Beckham

The wild adventure may be fun but it often is painful. You can get hurt, hurt others, and destroy what you have bult.

You can avoid many of the headaches and troubles that come from the incorrect belief. Take time to ask questions, examine the situation, and consult with advisers.

Question: Have you ever had a Backson Monster moment? How did you correct the situation? Please share your answer in the comments section below.


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