What Christmas Can Teach You About Leadership

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Christmas is only two days away! Can you believe that? It seems like we just finished celebrating last year’s Christmas.

Christmas represents a lot of different things to a lot of different people

To me, it represents the birth of Jesus, my Lord and savior. It is also a time to spend with friends and family in celebration.

To others, Christmas is a time of opening presents. Being kind. Being generous.

To others still, it is just another day. Nothing special to see or do, just keep on moving.

Regardless of how you see Christmas or what you believe, I have learned 3 lessons from the Christmas season.

  • Celebrate the events that matter
    Few will dispute that December 25th is the actual date of Jesus’ birth. However, it is the date that we celebrate it and Christmas. Regardless of the actual date of birth, Jesus’ birth is something to celebrate.

    Take time in your organization to celebrate the great events. They do not have to be the actual dates that the event occurred but can be symbolic. Those under you will enjoy the celebrations and be inspired. Have a monthly party for the birthdays that occurred, an anniversary party for the creation of the company/ministry, or the meeting of goals.

    People love celebrations and it improves morale.

  • Celebrate regardless of how the environment looks
    Living in Michigan, I have seen the environment look vastly different throughout the years. Most years there is snow on the ground. Some years there is brown grass. And sometimes there is green grass.

    Yet we still celebrate Christmas.

    No matter what the climate or environment of your ministry is, celebrate the major events. Money might be tight. Numbers might be down. There might be strife among your staff.

    Take the time to look at the positive things that have and are happening. You will find something to celebrate before you know it.

  • Celebrate change
    Jesus’ birth ushered in change for the world. Because of his birth and life, the world has been forever changed.

    There are events that happen in your organization that change everything. Celebrate and welcome those changes. Some of changes may not be for the best. Most will be. Celebrate them and accept the change. Your organization will be encouraged and able to process the changes easier.

Take the time this Christmas season to reflect and enjoy the events that matter and the changes that will occur regardless of how the environment looks.

Question: What lessons have you learned from the Christmas season? Please share you insights in the comment section below.

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