Be An Authentic Leader

You will be found out. People will begin to realize you’re not who you say you are. They’ll see the true you.

And that’s the truth if you’re not leading authentically.

People don’t want to be led by a phony. They want real people being authentic. This means flaws and all.

Yet too many leaders don’t want to show their authentic self.

These leaders try to speak the language of the people they’re currently leading, thinking it will make them relevant. These leaders will hide their flaws instead of relishing in their brokenness.

What Is An Authentic Leader?

In my time as a leader, I’ve struggled. I didn’t have the right words to say, especially when a student passed away in a car accident or another student struggled with a bad breakup.

During these times, I did what I knew how to do. I spent time with those students. I shared my stories of loss and the pain I’ve felt.

Was this always the right course? Probably not. However, it helped me connect with these young men.

These actions were also me being authentic.

I was truly interested in the lives of the young men and women we served. It’s what my heart longed to do, make connections and show them that they are cared for.

For me, that was being authentic. My authenticity came from me opening up and sharing life with these students.

When this happened, they responded.

That’s one example of authentic leadership.

You may lead authenticly by:

Speaking in your own terms

Pursuing your passions

Sharing your story

Exploring the path less taken

Staying true to your values, even when it’s difficult

Being authentic is different for each and every leader. Except for one thing.

When a leader is authentic, they’re being true to the person God has created them to be.

For me, that’s forming connections. I’m not sure what it’s going to be for you but you already know.

Stop hiding behind a veil of deceit. Rip it off and show the world who you are.

You’ll discover people will respond to you better when you’re you, not a fake.

Question: How are you being an authentic leader? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below.

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