Be A Good Example

Do you ever look at your team and wonder “How can I encourage these people to be better team members? What will make them work harder, smarter, better? Why can’t I have great people on my team?”

Of course not. I never say that. Neither do you…

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If we’re lying to ourselves.

It is easy to slip into the thoughts in the first paragraph of this article. We can easily look at those we lead and wonder why they’re not producing the results we (and they) desire.

The truth is that you, the leader, are not providing the example your team needs. I know, it may sound harsh for me to say this but it is something we all need to hear.

As a leader, you set the example. Your team is looking at you. What they’re seeing is what they’re emulating. They’re looking for a leader. Someone to show them the way.

Are you being a good example?

Great leaders set a good example. They display the qualities they desire to see in their team members.

If you want:

  • Team members who are willing to fail, show your team your failures
  • Team members who are on time, be on time
  • Team members who are committed, be committed
  • Team members who are hitting their goals, have goals yourself and share them with your team
  • Team members who are energetic and excited, be energetic and excited
  • Team members who care about other team members, you have to care about those you lead
  • Team members who share new ideas, you have to share new ideas

Leaders, you and I are setting the tone for the people we lead. Your attitude, your work ethic, your punctuality all impact the people you lead.

They will look at you. They will watch what you’re doing. And they will decide to follow the leader.

If you’re not seeing your team members behave in the manner you want them to, take a look in the mirror. There is a good chance you’re not setting the example they need to follow.

You may be coming into work at 8:27 AM. You may be cranky. Or you may not share new and exciting ideas with those you lead.

Check yourself before you get upset at your team. See if you’re missing the mark. You may not be setting the good example you thought you were.

Your example matters. If your team sees you doing the opposite of what you claim you want for your organization, they’re going to follow your lead.

Make sure you’re setting the example for your team. Set it and they will follow.

Question: Have you found yourself in a situation where you weren’t the good example you thought you were? What did you do to correct the issue? Help others by sharing your story in the comments below.

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