6 Things Leaders Need Grace For

Leadership is heavy. The choices leaders make and the actions they have to take are not easy.

For this, leaders need grace.

Showing people the way and helping them reach their potential isn’t easy. It can be maddening at times.

Let’s a took a look at the areas leaders need grace in.

1. Decisions: You knew this was going to be on the list so I got it out of the way right away.

Leaders are tasked with making decisions, many of those decisions are hard. And all decisions have consequences.

Please give us grace when we have to make a tough decision. It’s not easy and weights heavily on us.

2. Action: A leader has to be ready to take action. Whether this is moving forward a church or business in a new direction or letting go of an employee, leaders must move forward.

These tough actions will require grace. People’s lives will be impacted and changed because of the actions of a leader.

Please give us grace for the actions we have to make. They’re hard on us as well.

3. Knowledge: Too many people think a leader has to know it all. They don’t.

This doesn’t change the fact that people will be looking to you for all the answers. Answers you may not have.

Please give us grace when we don’t know everything. We’re learning, just like you.

4. Joy: Leadership should be a joyful experience. Yet so many leaders lack the joy to lead well.

And I know leadership isn’t always fun but it is a privilege. For that we can be joyful.

We won’t always be joyful though. I apologize for that in advance.

Please give us grace when we lack joy. We’re trying but leading is rough.

5. Humility: Rising to the top of leadership, we see many people lose their humility. We can forget where we came from and what our mission really is.

Humility is a trait all leaders should have but we sometimes ditch.

Please give us grace for our lack of humility. When we lose our humility, help us recover it.

6. Faith: Times will come when we may lose our faith in what we’re doing. We keep doing it because we believed in it.

Having faith in what we do is important but it’s hard to keep.

Please give us grace when we’ve lost our faith. Have faith that we will gain it back.

Question: What areas of leadership do you need grace in? Let’s talk about it in the comments section below.

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