I’ve Fallen! Now What?

No one is perfect. Every person, even leaders, will make mistakes.

We can all shout “I’ve fallen!

Can you relate to that cry? The one where you know you’ve done something un-leader like?

Whether it’s a poor choice that cost your company a big deal or a slip-up in your marriage where you hurt your wife’s feelings, mistakes are made on a daily basis.

While we all fall the ending isn’t the same for everyone. Some leaders recover. Other leaders fall deeper into their mistake and never return.

What separates those who are restored and those who can’t seem to gain traction?

You’ve Fallen

I often think back to the commercial for LifeAlert. In the late 80’s and 90’s, there would be an advertisement with an old lady at the bottom of the stairs. She’d fallen and couldn’t get up.

There’s never been a time where I’ve physically fallen and couldn’t get up. But there have been times mentally and spiritually I’ve fallen and felt like I couldn’t get up.

Bad choices were made and it seemed like I kept slipping into bad habits that weren’t good for me.

I had fallen. Have you felt like you’ve fallen too? I bet you have.

Thankfully, our falls are not the end of the story. There’s more to be told.

You Get Back Up

The Insyderz, a ska band from the 90’s, had a song called Weebles. A verse from the song went like this:

You can knock us over, but we won’t stay down We’re like weebles, but we won’t stay down You better listen up good, we ain’t fooling around We’re like weebles, but we won’t stay down.

Do you remember Weebles? They were made by Playskool and couldn’t stay down.

We should be more like Weebles.

When we get knocked down and feel defeated, we need to realize we can get back up.

Our ability to get back up may lie within us. Or we may have to rely on a friendly hand to pull us back up.

But whatever you do, when you fall, get back up.

How To Get Back Up

Everyone is different when it comes to getting back up from a rough spell. The key is finding what works for you and using it.

To get back up from a fall, you may:

Call on a friend

Fall on your knees and pray

Read a comforting book

Seek wise counsel

Get away from everything

Slip into the crowd

Whatever you do, don’t stay down. Find a way to get back up and fight another day.

Question: What do you do when you fall down? How do you recover? Let’s help each other by sharing our techniques in the comment section below.

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