5 Surprising Places Young Leaders Can Grow

You know you’ve got to grow as a leader or you’ll become stagnant. And you know there’s places to grow.

The problem is, you don’t know where those places are.

You can grow in unconventional places

Image by JD Hancock

I’ve got good news for you today. I’m going to share with you 5 surprising places young leaders can grow. They’re a little unconventional (or unknown if you’re not in the know).

1. Local organizations: As a leader, you probably realize there’s local organizations like the chamber of commerce that can help you grow. But there’s more organizations than just the chamber.

You might want to check out your local

Young Urban Professionals group (I knew about larger organizations but was surprised to find out there was a local organization dedicated to young professionals)

Score Organization (Previously Service Corps of Retired Executives)

Toastmasters International (Learn how to speak well and give better presentations)

2. Public library: You already know there’s an unlimited wealth of knowledge contained within the walls of the public library. You can check out books on any subject available. You can borrow audio books.

But there’s more. So much more that goes on at the local library.

If your local public library is anything like mine, you’ll find it offers:

Educational classes (Libraries have begun offering classes on a wide range of topics. Check out their website and see what your library has to offer)

Meet and greets with authors (Go and ask your favorite author questions. Dig into his mind and grow!)

Book clubs (so you can meet other like-minded people)

3. Independent coffee shops: Coffee shops do more than serve coffee and pastry treats. Your local coffee house will offer an atmosphere to gather and collaborate with people who are doing great things.

I’ve met up with business partners more often than not at our local Brew House or Biggby Coffee. The ambiance allows us to lay out plans for our next business venture or share the latest happenings in our lives.

There’s also poetry readings and meetups that occur at local coffee shops. Get involved and grow.

4. Church: If you haven’t been in a church lately, you might be surprised at how much they’ve evolved. Churches know they have to meet not only the spiritual needs of their congregation but also their relational needs.

Many churches now offer classes on business or finance related topics. They also have gatherings were people can get to know each other and form relationships.

Don’t count the church out just yet. There’s plenty of ways you can grow at church.

5. Your own organization: This may come as a surprise but one of the best places to grow is within your current organization.

Seek out those who are wiser than you where you work.

You know you’re not the smartest person at the organization. So, seek out the wise ones.

Take them out to lunch. Sit in on meetings. Ask for guidance.

They’ll give it to you.

Sit down and talk to those who have what seems like menial tasks.

I’ve found the people on our shop floor are brilliant. They’ve come up with new ways to build tooling. They’ve found ways to improve process flow.

These people know things. Get to know them and let them teach you a thing or two.

Question: Where do you go to grow? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below.

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