5 Leadership Books To Read In May 2022

Reading is essential to the growth of any leader. The reading you do can be through physical books, audiobooks, and ebooks. Whatever works for you, do it!


Finding great books to read can be a difficult thing to do. The power of books is why I love curating a list of books for leaders to read every month. In the list, I include books that have been influential in my leadership and books I’m interested in reading.

I hope you find value in this month’s list.

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5 Leadership Books To Read In May 2022

1. Team Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Dr. Jean Greaves and Evan Watkins:

What does it take to have an effective team? It is more than talent, bright people, and skills. There’s something else that every great team needs to have. The dynamic most teams are missing is the dynamic of Team Emotional Intelligence.

In their book Team Emotional Intelligence, Greaves and Watkins help you understand what Team Emotional Intelligence is and how to get it into your team.

Purchase Team Emotional Intelligence on Amazon.

2. 2021: THE YEAR IN LEADERSHIP: The Stories of Faith, Athletics, Business, and Life Which Inspired Us All by Brian Dodd:

Brian Dodd has taken a comprehensive look at the year 2021. For some, the year was terrific. For others, 2021 couldn’t leave fast enough.

Yet, what would happen if we looked at the year in chronological order in terms of leadership?

Dodd did just that. He collected his thoughts in an orderly fashion and put them into his latest book.

This book covers sports leadership, church leadership, and (my favorite) leadership through entertainment.

Pick up your copy of 2021: The Year In Leadership on Amazon.

3. Leadership Prayers by Richard Kriegbaum:

Christian leaders know the power of prayer. Kriegbaum helps leaders place this knowledge into prayers they can lift up to God.

Check out this book if you want to pray more and for leaders. You won’t be disappointed.

Your copy is available on Amazon.

4. Quiet Voice Fearless Leader: 10 Principles For Introverts To Awaken The Leader Inside by Terrance Daryl Lee:

We see leadership ruled by extroverts. We believe that if we’re not outgoing, personable, and excitable, we won’t be able to lead well.

Well, that’s nonsense.

You can lead well even as an introvert. Lee helps the reader harness the power of introvertedness and use it to lead those around you.

Quiet Voice Fearless Leader is available on Amazon.

5. Jerks at Work: Toxic Coworkers and What to Do About Them by Tessa West:

Most of your time is spent working with others. What happens when those you work with are jerks? A toxic environment is created.

But, you can do something about the environment at the office.

West helps you to understand toxic coworkers can be an issue. However, you have the power to do something about them.

Pick up Jerks At Work if you’re struggling with toxic coworkers. The advice contained within will guide you to better resolutions.

Buy Jerks At Work on Amazon.

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