5 Leadership Books To Read In June 2023

Even though I believe movies and entertainment are great way to grow your leadership skills, I still want to bring you the best books to increase your leadership knowledge. It’s one of the forms of communication that has long been successful in training leaders.

It’s also one of the reasons I bring you these lists every month. I want you to be consuming great content that will stretch you as a leader. 

With books, you get to dive into the thoughts of current and past leaders. Their wisdom is passed onto you through their works. Why not read them?

This month, I plan to focus on more current books. These leadership books will have been released within the past couple of years.

5 Leadership Books To Read In June 2023

1. Leading with Questions: How Leaders Discover Powerful Answers by Knowing How and What to Ask by Bob Tiede and Michael J. Marquardt:

Bob’s been asking questions for a long time. He’s an expert in leadership having been on the U.S. Leadership Development Team at CRU (formerly Campus Crusade For Christ). His blog is all about asking questions.

Now, Bob, along with Michael, have a new book.

Bob and Michael dive into what makes asking questions so effective. Both of these men know the power behind questions and how to ask better questions.

Be sure to pick up Leading With Questions.

2. The Scandal of Leadership: Unmasking the Powers of Domination in the Church by JR Woodward:

The church has seen the fall of a lot of high-profile leaders. It almost feels epidemic. That’s why JR has written The Scandal Of Leadership. He wants to take a deeper look at the cause of these church scandals.

In The Scandal Of Leadership, JR looks at many of the issues facing churches. He helps readers have a deeper understanding of the power abuses and how we can work toward stopping them.

While you may think this is a book just for church leaders, you may find great examples for those in the business world. These scandals and abuses are not happening in churches alone. They’re happening in every facet of leadership.

Pick up your copy on Amazon.

3. The Secret Power of Kindness: 10 Keys to Unlocking Your Capacity to Change the World by Greg Atkinson:

Greg has become a friend of mine over the years. We first met at the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA. I’ve followed him since that journey as he continuously provides amazing content. 

The Secret Power Of Kindness is no different. In his latest book, Greg takes a look at the axiom: People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Dig into The Secret Power Of Kindness to discover how you can transform your life and the life of those around you with the power of kindness. Through this book, you will understand how to make people feel appreciated and seen.

You can get your copy here.

4. Banana Ball: The Unbelievably True Story of the Savannah Bananas by Jesse Cole:

I heard about Jesse Cole and the Savannah Bananas through Dan Miller. He mentioned the strange, exciting world Jesse and the Savannah Bananas brought to the world of baseball. 

Jesse transformed the Savannah Bananas into a worldwide sensation. They have gone from a fledgling minor-league baseball team to something that is being talked about in the sports world. Their transformation has been exhilarating to say the least.

If you want ideas on how to change up your business and become something bigger than you thought possible, pick up this book.

You can find Banana Ball here.

5. Reel Leadership: Discovering the Hidden Leadership Lessons in Movies by Joseph Lalonde:

Ever so often, I like to remind you that I have written a book. In Reel Leadership, I help leaders understand the power of movies to teach powerful life and leadership lessons. 

The movies your team are watching are excellent tools to help them understand the world of business and more! More importantly, when you learn how movies can help them reach their (or your) potential, you can begin speaking a language they already understand.

Get your copy of Reel Leadership here.

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