5 Leadership Books To Read In August 2023

We’re halfway through summer and that means plenty of vacations and beach days are yet to happen. If you’re blessed to live in a beach town such as mine or along the coasts, you know what I’m talking about. There’s something about sitting at a beach with a good book to read (I don’t do this nearly enough).

This means you need new book recommendations! It’s something I like to bring to you because it means you get the best books to add to your list. 

August won’t be any different. Here are five great leadership books to consider reading in August 2023.

5 Leadership Books To Read In August 2023

1. Be A People Person by John C. Maxwell:

You can’t throw a stone in a bookstore and not hit a John C. Maxwell book. He’s one of the leading authorities in leadership and has been for many, many years.

Leading people is never easy. It means you have to work with people. And you know how people are. But what if you could change the way you view people? What if you could make your interpersonal relationships better?

That’s what Be A People Person helps you to do. Maxwell leads you through ways to discover and develop the qualities of an effective people person, improve your relationships, understand and help difficult people, overcome differences and personal traits that can hurt your relationships, and inspire others to be excellent and obtain success.

If you want to become a people person, pick up the book!

2. The Heart Of Leadership: Becoming A Leader People Want To Follow by Mark Miller:

Mark Miller is one of my favorite leadership authors. Why? Because he writes a lot of his books as fables. He helps us to understand life and leadership through story.

In The Heart Of Leadership, Miller takes us into the story of Blake Brown who finds a mentor in Debbie Bruster. Bruster helps Brown discover new mentors, change his perspective, and solve his problems.

The methods Brown uses are invaluable to anyone in leadership. 

Make sure to add The Heart Of Leadership to your August reading list.

3. Switchers: How Smart Professionals Change Careers — and Seize Success by Dr. Dawn Graham:

You might be considering a career change at this point in your life. This change could include switching industries or even professions. The thought of this is scary.

Thanks to Dr. Dawn Graham, switching careers, professions, or industries doesn’t have to be scary or challenging. Switchers will walk you through your limiting self-beliefs to a breakthrough moment where you realize you’re not stuck where you’re at.

If you’re considering switching careers, industries, or professions, be sure to pick up Switchers for the encouragement you need to do so.

4. Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution To Rebuild American Prosperity by Charles L. Marohn Jr:

I picked up Strong Towns because I wanted to listen to something different. I wanted to hear about a revolution in the housing and city-building industry. What I got was that and more (and a reference to my hometown of Muskegon, Michigan’s effort to generate interest in small businesses through shopping chalets).

In his book, Charles Marohn Jr. shares his thoughts on what has been destroying and damaging towns since we can remember. Marohn’s ideas are jarring. They go against the conventional norm. But they also work from what he has seen.

I believe we can take his principles, examine them from a leadership mindset, and transform our organizations.

If you’re ready to rebuild your organization, consider picking up Strong Towns.

5. The Innovative Executive: Leading Intelligently In The Age Of Disruption by Bella Rushi:

Raise your hand if you’ve experienced disruption in the last 3 years. Yup, everyone’s hand should be up. From technology to COVID-19, there has been a lot of disruption. The challenge is leading through the disruption and Bella Rushi will help you do just that in her book The Innovative Executive.

Rushi takes a deep dive into the ways innovative executives share their dream of success and leverage multiple aspects of a business to get the job done. You won’t be disappointed in what you learn here.

You can buy The Innovative Executive here.

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