5 Books Leaders Should Read In July 2021

Reading can be a huge kick in the pants for leaders. It helps you digest the knowledge of leaders who have come before you. It also allows you to avoid their mistakes.

That’s why every month I bring you 5 books you should consider reading. These books will help you become a better leader and grow the skills you need to lead like no other.

Check out the books leaders should read in July 2021 below.

5 Books Leaders Should Read In July 2021

1. Brighten Your Leadership Light by Gary Hassenstab:

Gary recently released this book and it is fantastic. He uses wisdom found in the Bible to guide you to becoming a successful leader.

You will find each chapter lists a personal value a leader should strive to have. You will also find direction on how to apply these values to the way you lead.

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2. The Moral Premise by Stanley Williams:

In my research for my upcoming book, Reel Leadership, a filmmaker turned me onto Stanley’s book. The Moral Premise guides readers through the ways of making a successful film. I believe the book is more than this.

The Moral Premise can help any reader improve their storytelling. And, in effect, increase their ability to lead others.

The better stories you tell, the better results you will get.

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3. Make It, Don’t Fake It by Sabrina Horn:

We’ve all heard the infamous phrase “Fake it until you make it.” I love the saying as it helps us get through difficult challenges when we don’t know what to do.

Author Sabrina Horn has a different take on this phrase. She believes it is a phrase that no longer works. Read Make It, Don’t Fake It to discover why.

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4. Flux by April Rinne:

The world is constantly changing. We know that but we struggle to process change.

In her book Flux, April Rinne will help you discover the superpowers it takes to thrive in change. This book will be life-changing, especially in light of all the change that has happened due to COVID-19.

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5. Integrity by Design by Mike Horne:

Everyone wants to believe they have integrity. They believe they’re always doing the right thing for the right reason. But what happens if you just live life without intention?

You will slip up more often than not. In Integrity by Design, Mike helps us understand how to design our lives around integrity.

I believe this book can help change the landscape of leadership. If we all apply the lessons in this book, we will see integrity return to the workplace.

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