4 Things To Remember As You Lead

The longer we lead, the more distant we can become from those we lead. We forget what it was like to be in their position. Some may have never been in a leadership position before.

There’s plenty more that we need to remember as we lead. We have to be mindful of these things, or we will quickly become irrelevant (in the eyes of our team), distant, and angry.

Today, put aside your preconceived notions of what leadership looks like. Take a gander at the 4 things I know all leaders need to remember.

4 Things To Remember As You Lead

1. Leadership is a privilege:

The first thing leaders need to remember is that leadership is a privilege. You may forget this the longer you are in a leadership position, but it is true nonetheless.

You have the privilege of leading and guiding the employees in your organization. You have the privilege of raising up the next generation of leaders. You have the privilege of helping your organization succeed.

Don’t take for granted what your position brings or affords you. Leadership is always a privilege.

2. Leadership is challenging:

Leadership will be one of the most challenging things you ever step into. You will not have an easy go at it when you lead.

Leadership is challenging because you have to lead people, change opinions, and get things done. All while working with people who have their own ideas of what should be done.

You’ll also lead into areas that you’re unsure of. That’s why you’re a leader. You go where others have not. These areas don’t have guides or people that have been there before. You’re doing this for the first time.

Be ready to be challenged as a leader. It’s challenging but worth it!

3. Leadership is about relationships:

John C. Maxwell once said that leadership is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.

I take this quote to mean leadership is all about the relationships you build, nurture, and cultivate. Without relationships, you cannot lead.

Make sure you’re building relationships with those on your team. Find out their hobbies, relationship status, family names, and more.

The more you get to know your people, the easier it will be to lead them.

4. Leadership is rewarding:

Last but not least, leadership is rewarding. Despite the challenges and responsibilities, you will be rewarded as a leader.

The rewards may not be monetary, but there are rewards.

You will be rewarded with a sense of a job well done. You will be rewarded with some of the best relationships you’ve ever had. You’ll be rewarded, often, monetarily.

Keep leading even when it doesn’t feel rewarding. You’ll reap what you sowed in your position one day. Keep at it.

Never Forget

Never forget these reminders. You will be better off when you keep these in mind. More importantly, the people you lead will be better off.

Remember, leadership is about the people you lead. Leadership is a privilege. Leadership is challenging yet rewarding.

Keep leading well.

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