3 Ways To Figure Out What To Do Next

Whether you’re making the next leap in your career, trying to decide what to have for dinner, or how to move the business forward, we’re always trying to figure out what to do next. We don’t always make the best choice, but we keep moving forward.

Today, I want to help you in your decision-making. You’re going to learn how to figure out what to do next.

3 Ways To Figure Out What To Do Next

Figuring out what to do next is always challenging. There are so many options in front of you. How do you choose what to do?

I have three sure-fire ways that I use. It’s served me well. I know it will serve you well too.

1. Phone a friend:

I’m stealing a way from the hit game show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. In this show, various questions are asked to a contestant sitting in the hot seat. These questions can be challenging, especially in the later stages.

As the questions increase in difficulty, contestants often use one of their lifelines. A common one to use is the phone a friend. This option allows contestants to call a friend, share where they’re at, and the question they need answered.

Sometimes the friend gets it right. Sometimes, it’s an utter failure. Still, they call a friend.

We need to phone a friend, too. We have so many wise people in our lives that can help us decide what steps to take next.

Don’t neglect the friend! Their answer can help you move forward.

2. Sit on it:

In the recently released movie Marry Me, Charlie (played by Owen Wilson) had a wise way of figuring out the answer to tough questions. He used a method called sit on it.

Charlie encouraged his child and his students to sit on their questions. Whenever something challenging pops up, don’t make a split-second decision. Instead, take time to contemplate what the question is, what the answer could be, and what you could do.

The longer you sit, the more uncomfortable you get. Also, the closer you get to the answer.

I’ve found myself sitting on questions longer than I would like. Then, poof, the answer is revealed.

Don’t dismiss the power of sitting on a tough decision. The longer you wait, the clearer the answer will be.

3. Ask God about it:

Maybe this should have been first, but I also think the last item on a list can be the most important. That’s this solution.

When you’re trying to figure out what to do next, go to God. Pray to Him. Share what’s going on in your life. Ask Him to give you clarity.

God hears our prayers. He knows better than we do what is coming.

Give up your questions and solutions to Him. His answer will always be better than the one you come up with.

Figuring out what to do next is never easy. Still, the above ways to figure things out will help you make it through your next decision-making process.

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