3 Startup Ideas To Disrupt The Mega Corporations

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The world is full of big corporations that dominate industries and don’t truly care about the people they serve.

These companies usually end up embroiled in tax-dodging scandals and just do not make a good contribution to the planet. Call me crazy, but if we knocked these mega corporations down a peg or two society would be a lot better.

To do this, we need to introduce startup ideas that disrupt corporations. Three are listed below, detailing ways you can take on the big boys and make them sweat a little:

An insurance company focused on the people

The insurance industry is gigantic and full of huge corporations. This is weirdly beneficial as it gives you a way to stand out. Your insurance startup can focus on the people. Instead of doing everything in your power to discourage claims or pay out as little as possible, your business is built around actually insuring people and being there for them when needed. This could mean not increasing insurance premiums when massive accidents happen out of nowhere once in a blue moon. It could also mean you provide more coverage.

Will it be an easy feat? No, but it is possible. You may need to create a more boutique service with higher upfront premiums, but a better overall service for the customer. Be sure to find out how to deal with P&C insurance claims management too. This is a core part of insurance services that need to be nailed down if you want to compete.

An ethical & affordable fashion company

The fashion industry is dominated by massive brands, most of which have pretty suspect ethical practices. Whether it stems from the manufacturing processes they use or their environmental impact – these companies don’t have great reputations.

You can start an ethical and affordable fashion company that tackles all of these problems. You produce sustainable clothing that’s ethically made and rivals the big brands in terms of quality and price. This idea directly targets a huge gap in the market and can drive customers away from large corporations and to your independent startup.

A local green energy company with fair fees

Energy companies have been in the news a lot over the last year. They all hiked up prices and continue to do so, despite the cost of producing energy staying the same. These corporations represent the worst case of greed imaginable.

So, why don’t you cause some disruption? Start a local energy company that provides green energy to people in a small area. Not only that, but you offer fair fees that don’t continuously rise and can be capped. It’s probably the toughest idea on the list, and you’ll need to work hard to ensure business survival. But, if you can figure out a way to produce clean energy from a local solar or wind farm, and then provide it to a small market, you could take lots of customers away from the big guns.

Will these business ideas immediately make big corporations go bust? No – but that’s not the point. We need small businesses and startups to disrupt industries with new ideas and concepts. When this happens, bigger companies recognize they’re losing customers or getting a worse brand image, so they make changes. They stop doing unethical things or being overly greedy and begin providing better services to the world. That’s the end goal here, and you could become a part of it!

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