21 Leadership Quotes From Truett Cathy, Founder Of Chick-Fil-A

Truett Cathy was an amazing man. More than the founder of Chick-Fil-A, he was a great leader. Sadly, Truett passed away on Monday.

Even with his passing, his legacy doesn’t have to fade away. We can remember the man and the leadership he taught us.

In memory of Cathy Truett, I wanted to share 21 of his leadership quotes.

1. Sometimes success is disguised as hard work.

2. Looking back I can see that I had been preparing for twenty-one years to open the first Chick-fil-A restaurant.

3. It is when we stop doing our best work that our enthusiasm for the job wanes. We must motivate ourselves to do our very best, and by our example lead others to do their best as well.

4. Businesses are not dishonest or greedy, people are. Thus, a business, successful or not, is merely a reflection of the character of its leadership.

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5. People want to work with a person, not for a company. Most (Operators) feel that this is more than just a job. They feel either a divine call or the satisfaction of a desire to make a difference in the world.

6. Many of the unexpected opportunities we encounter are small but significant. (Send this as a Tweet)

7. My business grew on my understanding that customers are always looking for somebody who is dependable and polite and will take care of them.

8. My riches are my family and my foster children. I try to store any material wealth in my hand, not my heart, so that I always feel free to give it away when the opportunity rises.

9. I believe that you can combine biblical principles and good business practices. I testified before Congress … on how to be honest and successful at the same time.

10. No goal is too high if we climb with care and confidence. (Tweet this quote!)

11. One of the most meaningful truisms I have learned about leadership is that it’s all about action

12. As Christians, we have an obligation and responsibility to abide by the principles of the Bible.

13. Wealth has the power to build up and to destroy. (Click to tweet)

14. There’s nothing wrong with being kind to your customers.

15. I’m a successful business man – but also I like being known that I’ve been a good father.

16. I knew I had to pay my bills and I knew I had to pay my employees.

17. Don’t dismiss the importance of making fun a priority.

18. The one thing I take more joy in than anything else in the world is seeing young people develop.

19. It’s easy to lose sight of the things that really matter when we have all the comforts we desire.

20. Repetition yields constants. Constants create cultures. (Share this quote)

Everyone wonders how do you build a specific culture in your organization. I think Truett Cathy nailed it in the above quote. You’ve got to practice and reinforce what you want to see in your organization.

21. The joy you get in being in the restaurant business is not ringing the cash registers, but the compliments that you receive on your employees and on your food.

Not only was Truett Cathy a great business leader, he was a great man. His quotes reflect his desire to not only lead well but to recognize we have the opportunity to change lives in the smallest moments.

Never forget this as you lead. Your greatest moments will come in the small but significant moments.

Question: What’s your favorite Truett Cathy quote? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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