4 Successes Leaders Should Celebrate

Do you celebrate successes? You should. And there’s a darn good reason behind celebrating success.

In today’s article, we’re going to look at 4 different kinds of successes and why you should celebrate each one. They’re all different and they all impact those you lead differently.

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Before we get started, celebrating success tells people they’re important. It tells you that you’re important.

With that, let’s look at the 4 successes leaders should celebrate.

4 Successes Leaders Should Celebrate

1. Team member successes:

Your team members are working hard for you and the organization you lead. They put their hearts and minds into the work they do.

When they succeed at something, be ready to celebrate that success.

Your team members are looking for affirmation. They want to know that they’re being noticed. You, the leader, have the power and ability to let them know that they are noticed and valued.

How To Waste Less At The Office

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Many businesses are putting more effort into reducing their carbon footprint and being more environmentally friendly. An easy way to have less of an impact on the environment as a business is to find simple ways to reduce waste in the office. Find ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle in your workplace to save costs and be greener. 

Drawing of a man tossing trash into a garbage can

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Cut out single-use drink containers for guests

If you have clients come to the office for meetings, don’t offer water in a plastic bottle or disposable plastic cup. In most cases, even with good intentions, these don’t find their way to the recycling bin but are instead get forgotten in meeting rooms. Somebody will then empty them down the sink and throw the bottle or cup in the regular trash. This wastes both water and plastic. Instead, offer everyone who comes in a drink in a mug or glass. Why not get branded mugs made for your business? 

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Luca

A Reel Leadership Article

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Luca is the latest direct to Disney+ movie. The movie is a joint Pixar and Disney venture that delivered great results.

What is Luca about? Luca is the story of young sea monster Luca Paguro (Jacob Tremblay), another sea monster named Alberto Scorfano (Jack Dylan Grazer), and a human named Guilia Marcovaldo (Emma Berman). They form a unique bond after the two sea monsters transform into humans. They walk the land without being detected.

Still from the Disney Pixar movie Luca. Luca and Alberto eating ice cream

This is a great film for a leader to watch with their child. It can teach you and them a lot of different leadership lessons.

Today’s Reel Leadership dissects these lessons and helps you see them.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Luca

1. Fix your mistakes:

Luca was shepherding a school of fish. He became distracted and lost the fish. He now had a new job.

What Are You Focusing On?

I saw a cute meme recently. The headline of the meme was: This is why dogs are happier

The photo showed a man and his dog sitting next to each other. The man had multiple thought bubbles. There were thoughts of

  • A car
  • A plane
  • A house
  • Money
Lok the Vizsla playing with his toy

A blissful moment with Lok the Vizsla

Then there was the dog. The dog had one thought bubble:

  • The dog and man sitting together

Man and dog sitting next to each other with thought bubbles

What Are You Focusing On?

This meme shows us something. We’re often lost in thought. We’re not lost in the moment.

Our minds are racing. Thoughts of our house, the next fancy car, or how we’re going to make money run through our minds.

These thoughts crowd out what is happening around us. Our focus isn’t on the present moment. Our focus is on everything else.

What is a flow chart?

What is a flow chart?

A flow chart attempts to graphically depict the process or series of events that need to happen in order to reach a solution for some problem. Organizations of all sizes use flow charts in order to tackle complex projects that have many different moving pieces which require many people or teams to work on the issue at the same time. One of the most commonly used flow charts used is in sales for more complex products or services. So, what are the benefits to planning out a flow chart?

Top benefits to a flow chart

1) Visuals

Perhaps the best benefit of any flow chart is the visual aspect of the process. A flow chart makes even the most complicated processes rather simple to understand. That’s because a flow chart breaks down complex tasks into reasonable and simple-to-understand chunks of information. Then, that information is presented in chronological order, as in, this goes first then this goes second, and so on.