Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Rambo: Last Blood

A Reel Leadership Article

Thirty-seven years after the first Rambo movie and eleven years after the last Rambo movie was released, Rambo: Last Blood hits the theaters. In a furious bloodbath, Sylvester Stallone steps back into one of the roles that made him famous.

Rambo: Last Blood tells the story of John Rambo years after his last great outing. He’s back and ready for war because a Mexican cartel kidnapped his adoptive niece Gabrielle (Yvette Monreal). They forced her into the sex trade. After Rambo rescued her, Gabrielle succumbed to the sexual trauma and forced drug use.

Sylvester Stallone in Rambo: Last Blood

If any of you know Rambo, you know her kidnapping and death were not good for the men responsible. Rambo is back. And he is angry.

An engaging and entertaining movie isn’t all that Rambo: Last Blood provides. Rambo: Last Blood is full of leadership lessons. We’re going to dive into those leadership lessons from Rambo: Last Blood here.

Getting Millennials To Work

Leading Millennials

When you hear the words millennial and work together, you may instantly think about the ways millennials will try to get out of work. You may have a negative connotation towards millennials that skews your idea of how their work ethic is.

We need to break this mindset. Millennials are not lazy. They are not looking for ways to get out of work, well… any more than you or I would. And they’re not looking to do the least amount of work to get paid.

3 millennials sitting at a table with laptops

Photo by Helena Lopes

These are some of the big misconceptions about millennials. They’re also wrong.

Getting Millennials To Work

You may be wondering how this can be. How can millennials really want to work when the media has told us that they don’t? That’s a good question.

The truth is the media has misled people about the work ethic of millennials. Their work ethic is as strong as yours and mine.

Being A Boss Doesn’t Make You A Know-it-All

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Nobody knows everything. Even the most accomplished business leaders are always learning. Here are just some of the ways in which you can further your knowledge as a business leader.

Read books and blogs

There are plenty of books and blogs (such as this one) dedicated to niche topics in business. Such reading material is great for digesting in your own time if you don’t have the time to attend courses and workshops. Of course, you should always make sure that you’re taking advice from a reliable source. For instance, books and blog posts written fifteen years ago may not always be relevant today.

Use Your Lack Of Leadership Inspiration As Inspiration In Itself

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People become leaders for all manner of reasons, and an inspiring figure is often one of them. In many cases, a mentor that shows us what leadership should be is behind our ultimate quest here. Or, it may be that you’re inspired by leaders on-screen. Either way, other people are excellent at putting the fire we need in our bellies to see this thing through.

Sometimes, though, a lack of inspiration can stall leadership quests altogether. If you’ve only ever witnessed deplorable management and poor leadership depictions, then why would you want to become part of the problem? Or, as is often the case in situations like these, why wouldn’t you?

Why You Should Welcome Millennials Onto Your Team

Leading Millennials

You may be thinking you don’t want to welcome millennials onto your team. They’re lazy. They have no work ethic. And they’re going to leave anyway.

I have to say, your thinking would be wrong to think millennials won’t benefit your team. They won’t destroy your organization. They won’t make you less productive.

Millennials sitting around a table discussing business

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What they will do is amaze you. All you have to do is give them a chance.

Millennials are a great bunch of people. They’re passionate and excited to make a difference in the world. They desire to use their passion to help organizations succeed. All of this and more will help your organization, not hurt it.

Why You Should Welcome Millennials Onto Your Team

I’ve mentioned a few things already on why millennials will help your organization. We’re going to dive in deeper and see how millennials help organizations like yours.