Why A Rough Start Isn’t The End Of Your Leadership Journey

When I first began leading, I wasn’t very good. Some would say I still can’t lead well.

But in all seriousness, we all have issues when we first begin to lead.

Rough starts are just the beginning of leadership

The Problems Of First Leading

As you begin to lead, you’ll face all sorts of trials. Team members won’t like you. You won’t lead the same way as the previous organizational leaders. Mistakes will be made.

All of these leadership issues can lead to big problems down the road if we let them.

I remember when I first started to lead.

I was young, fresh out of high school. My inexperience told me not to speak up. There’s wiser leadership in the room.

So I held my tongue. When an issue arose, I didn’t voice my concern. Instead, I felt it was the elder leaders responsibility to take action.

Are Your Employees Satisfied?

Employee dissatisfaction is a major factor in leaving a job. Employees don’t want to work for a place they don’t enjoy.

Unfortunately, we’re not doing a good job of surveying the workplace environment to see how employees are feeling.

Survey your empoyees

Because of this, we see large numbers of employees come and go. That’s not good for business. And that’s not good for leadership either.

Leaders should desire to create a workplace that attracts top talent. We should also make sure our talent wants to stay with us.

We can’t help keep our top talent if we’re not aware of how satisfied they are.

Areas Of Employee Satisfaction

When thinking about surveying your employees, you need to decide which metrics actually matter to your team. Does your team want better pay, more recognition, autonomy, flexible hours?

Each of these areas matter to different employees.

Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Hacksaw Ridge

A Reel Leadership Article

Hacksaw Ridge is the story of WWII American Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, played by Andrew Garfield, who served during the Battle of Okinawa. Doss refused to wield a weapon or harm another person.

For this, his commanding officer had him court-martialed and attempted to expel him from the military.

Thankfully for those he was serving with, he wasn’t dishonorably discharged. By the end of the Battle of Okinawa, Doss had pulled 75 men from Hacksaw Ridge.

Because of his heroic efforts, Doss became the first Conscientious Objector in American history to be awarded the Medal of Honor.


When I first heard the story of Doss, I couldn’t believe a man could be in the army and not pick up a weapon. This would seem like a given, even if he were to never shoot the gun.

20 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Doctor Strange

A Reel Leadership Article

In a movie universe full of super-powered humans and aliens, Doctor Strange brings in a new aspect to the Marvel movie universe. Doctor Strange introduces the world of magic and mysticism.

The story of Doctor Stephen Strange could be your story. Or even my story.

Learn leadership lessons from Doctor Strange

Image by BagoGames

One where we have a skill and we center our lives around that skill. But what happens when we are no longer able to use what we feel we were created for?


That’s where Doctor Strange found himself after a violent car accident left him unable to use his hands. His days as a skilled surgeon were over.

Doctor Strange made me look deep inside to ask myself some very pointed questions:

What am I relying on?

WHO am I believing in?

What would I do if I could no longer use the skills I’ve honed?

Redeeming The Past With David Mike

The Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 24

David Mike is our special guest today on the Answers From Leadership podcast. David joined the Army right after high school and after a short period of time got into so much trouble that he ended up getting court-martialed and sent to United States Disciplinary Barracks, Ft. Leavenworth, KS for three years.

During this time, something changed in his life. And that’s what we discussed in our time together.

Your past doesn't have to define you

Listen To The Answers From Leadership Podcast


David, what else do you want listeners to know about you?

I’m a husband to a beautiful woman named Lindsay. She’s been instrumental in shaping the man who I am today. I’ve got 3 daughters.

How would you define leadership?

I want to be the type of leader that my students would look up to. I’ve found out that there’s different types of leaders.