2 Leadership Scorecards

Recently I had a dream. This dream wasn’t crazy. It didn’t involve red aliens attacking from Mars.

Nah, nothing like that. Though that would have been one heck of a dream.

This dream had to do with a scorecard. A leadership scorecard. Actually, truth be told, there were 2.

The first scorecard looked something like this:

X Ignores team members

X Discards the needs of his team

X Shuns the input of his team

X Refuses to accept responsibilities for failures

X Has become complacent with his level of knowledge

X Hasn’t presented a new idea in ages

X Chooses the old ways over new paths

X Hires people who he believes knows less than he does

X Takes away any chance of organizational advancement

Now, the second scorecard looked quite different. The second scorecard looked like this:

X Takes an active interest in the members of his team

X Discovers what team members needed

X Asks questions of those on the team

X Takes responsibility for his failures

X Seeks a path of continued improvement

X Constantly offers new ideas

X Forges new paths because he knows they will lead new successes

X Hires people who are smarter than he is

X Offers chances to advance in the organization

Scorecards are used to keep score and let us know how we’re doing.

These two scorecards underline the attitudes of two types of leadership. I think you know which one is desired and which one we should run from.

Question: Which scorecard does your leadership look more like? What can you do to improve your scorecard? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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