Will You Seek Wisdom?

Often, after graduating school, we put our quest for knowledge on hold or kill it altogether. We feel that we have it all figured out.

Well, we need to put a stop to that line of thinking. It’s going to get you nowhere fast as a leader.

I Will Seek Wisdom

I wrote about the first decision in The Traveler’s Gift last month. The second decision for success Andy Andrews mentions in the Traveler’s Gift is I Will Seek Wisdom.

What does this look like?

  • Reading Quality Material: Seek out wisdom in great books. There’s thousands of years worth of information contained in written form. It’s there for your taking. Pick up a book and learn the story of our history, the principles of great leaders, or the adventures of heroes no longer with us.

    As you consume quality reading material, you’ll gain wisdom. You’ll see the ways others have succeeded and led well. You’ll also see the failures of great men. Learn what you can from their mistakes.

  • Spend Time With Great People: I’ve written about this before. There’s a need to spend time with people who are pushing forward and doing great work. Not only will you see it’s possible, you’ll be spurred on to great deeds as well. It’s like they say “A rising tide lifts all ships.” When you’re involved with great people, you’re bound to be raised along with them.
  • Practice Your Craft: Take time to practice your craft. Whether it’s leading, selling, or playing guitar you must practice to gain wisdom. The more you do a task, the more knowledgeable you become about it.

    Devote your time and energy into learning your craft by practicing. You’ll discover new ways to move forward, open doors that were once closed, and skill you never knew you had.

When you push yourself to chase after wisdom, your life will begin to change.

New opportunities present themselves. Answers to the problems you’ve faced suddenly appear. Confidence begins to enter into your life.

Chase after wisdom. Pursue it with the intensity of a thousand burning suns.

The words of a wise man are like raindrops on dry ground. They are precious and can be quickly used for immediate results. Only the blade of grass that catches a raindrop will prosper and grow.
— Andy Andrews in The Traveler’s Gift

Question: How has obtaining wisdom changed your life? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • Great post, Joe.  I think all your points are right on, yet wisdom can still be illusive.  Sometimes, those who are wise have never read a book and live among fools.  Do you think wisdom could be implanted by God, no matter what we do to seek it?

    • Thanks Dan. You’re right, you can gain wisdom from things other than books and wise men yet this is the easiest way to catch it. The Bible even encourages us to seek wisdom by searching out wise counsel and staying away from fools.

      As for can God implant wisdom into someone not seeking it? I’m sure He can though I’m not sure how often He would do this as it could be considered casting pearls before swine. However, He did give a donkey the wisdom to speak. 

      What do you think Dan?

      • I dislike the idea of favorites, but throughout the Bible it does seem that God gave certain people wisdom more than others.  But I agree, it also comes to those who seek.

  • I liked the point about spending time with great people.

    • It’s a great and easy way to gain wisdom Brandon. Are you spending time with great people?

  • So many proverbs about wisdom. As I get older I learn how much I don’t know…I learn how much I need God. 

    • That’s one of the great things about true wisdom. It sends us back to the true source.

  • Reading, spending time with great people and honing my craft has completely changed my life. The Lord has shown me the path that He wants me on and doing these things, and seeking after wisdom has helped tremendously do things I only dreamed of.

    • Awesome Kimanzi. You’re a great example of doing all of these things and seeing great wisdom arise. What’s in store for you next?

  • I have sought wisdom through the blogging community.  This community has brought me new friends from across the country and around the world – on top of all the things I’ve learned.  My life will forever be different because of friends like you.

    • Great way to do it Jon. Glad to be a part of your change.

  • All great ways to increase is wisdom.

    I think it’s important to remember that time is a factor. It takes years and decades of making the right choices to become a wise person.

    Great post Joe!

    • True Dan, gaining wisdom takes time. That’s why there’s no better time than today to start chasing after it.

  • Great post Joe. Other than books and honing my craft, spending time with great people has had the greatest impact. For example, some people assume my husband and I are older in marriage than we actually are (we are all 4 years and a few months.. 🙂 ). Our ‘depth and maturity’ comes from these two great couples, our mentors, who love and care for us relentlessly and extravagantly. I love that saying ‘a rising tide lifts all ship”. Very true.

    • That saying is great in regards to gaining wisdom. Glad you’re experiencing this truth in your marriage.

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