6 Friends I Can’t Wait To Meet

The blogging world has opened doors I never thought I’d see opened. It’s also allowed me to enter into the lives of some really awesome bloggers.

So much so, many of these bloggers I know consider friends, some closer than friends I have in real life.

One day I’ll have the chance to meet these friends. Whether it’s at a blogging conference or while on vacation. I will run into them one day.

Without further ado, here’s my list of 6 friends I can’t wait to meet.

1. Kevin Miller – I’ve followed Kevin for quite some time through his Free Agent Underground podcast and blog. We’ve connected multiple times over Facebook, Twitter, and email and he’s been an awesome source of encouragement.

2. Justin Lukasavige – He’s a fellow blogger who’s given me a few pointers on where to climb in Colorado. I haven’t gotten over to his neck of the woods to try his rock climbing suggestions but I will one day. Hopefully he’ll join me on a climb when I’m able to get to Colorado.

3. Matt McWilliams – Matt’s a recent friend but he’s been a huge encouragement as I’m growing my platform and trying to get into the affiliate marketing arena. Not only has he given wise advice, he just seems like an all around great guy.

4. Dan Black – You’ve probably seen Dan comment on my blog. He’s often a top commenter. Yet that’s not why I want to meet him. He was an encouragement to me after I had to put Zane down. He’s become a great friend and I’d love to meet him in person.

5. Adam Rico – He’s guest posted on my site and he’s also in a mastermind that I’m a part of. He’s full of wisdom and encouragement.

6. Alex Barker – This man’s a beast and I’m just getting to know him. He’s full of ambition and action. To meet him and have that rub off on me would be fantastic!

I’m sure you have friends like this as well. Whether it’s the blogger, YouTube video producer, or a podcaster that’s entered into your life because of the internet.

There are new friends that you can’t wait to meet. One day, I hope you’re able to meet them just as I hope to meet mine.

Question: Who’s a friend you can’t wait to meet? Why? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

  • Hey Joseph,

    I look forward to meeting as well. Let’s make a goal to make that happen this year!

    • For sure Matt! I know we can, the summer’s coming and there’ll be lots of time to get together.

  • I’d love to meet Matt, Dan, and you.

    • Those two are great guys as well. But I think you should try to meet me first (-; Just playing, those guys are way better than I.

    • I can’t wait to meet you Jon!!!

  • I’m in, Joseph!

    • Yes! I’ll definitely try to hit you up if you have free time when I make it up to Colorado.

  • LOL, SOOO many! Wow, so very many!

    • Right! So who’s one of them? (-;

      • LOL, Well YOU, of course! You, Jen Olney, Alli Polin, Dino Dogan, Gini DIetrich, Mark Harai, Kaarina Dillabough, Ann Jane, Betsy Cross, Jayme Soulati, Gerry Michaels, Bill Dorman, Ameena Gorton, umm… Oh! Dan Black! …and so many more, Joe. I’ll bet you know exactly what I mean. I just met Dan- here, if I am not mistaken, but the others I have known for what seems like a lifetime- and yet- then I remember- I have never MET one! This is the kind of impact you (so many) have had on my life. It actually isn’t even a thought that I have yet to meet any of you ~ you are PART of my life.

        • That’s awesome Amber-Lee. And quite a list. I recognize a couple of the names on the list but a lot of them are strangers to me.

          Haha, I know exactly what you mean. There’s people that I find myself talking about to people I know personally and then realize they have no idea who I’m talking about, because they’re not locals. There’s an impact to be had even through the virtual.

        • Hello Amber-Lee yes we connected through Joe’s blog and I look forward to getting to know you even more.

  • It’s been great to get to know you and build a friendship. I can’t wait to meet you and your wife:)

  • Wow! I’m honored to be a part of your list Joe (with a great bunch of guys I might add). I also hope we can meet in person soon. Until then I’m grateful for our online connection and the value you add to my life.

    • Thanks Adam! I’m sure one of these days we’ll run into each other.

  • You know I have family and friends in the Grand Rapids area 🙂
    Honored to be mentioned among some great and inspiring people!

    on a side note, you know you’ve essentially listed a group of amazing people who should get together and great something amazing. Say, a leadership online seminar 😉 just saying

    • Well, if you ever get back to visit, hit me up. That’s less than an hour’s drive away.

      Honestly, that suggestion isn’t too bad of an idea. I’ll have to touch base with the guys and see if they’re up for it.

  • Dan Forbes

    Well, we all look forward to making your great list, Joseph!!

    • Thanks Dan. You’re definitely one of the guys I’d love to meet in person as well.

  • I’ve met Dan Black in person, cool guy 🙂

    • It was great meeting you and taxing you around the L.A. area:) It was an honor.

    • I’m sure he is Kimanzi. He seems like a standup man!

  • Great list.
    I have too many to list. Heaven is going to be a great time!

    • Oh, for sure! And for many reasons including the people we’ll meet and people we’ll see again.

  • I met Dan Erickson last summer which was a pretty cool experience.

    • Sweet! I remember you posting about the experience.

  • Met several of those guys. Good guys!

    I’m looking forward to meeting Jeff Goins. Very impressed with his confidence and humility.

    • Those are two good qualities.

    • Jeff does seem like a really good guy.

    • DanKnight

      Jeff is one of the guys on my list as well.

  • That’s an awesome list Joseph! I agree with you, some of my closest friends are now folks I’ve met online and have never talked to face to face! What a blessing it is to have the technology that allows us to create such beneficial, intimate friendships with folks we’d never meet otherwise!

    Matt’s certainly on my list, he’s become one of my very best friends and a go-to person for encouragement and advice. Others on my list would include Jared Easley, Richie Norton, Farnoosh Brock, Lily Kreitinger, Chris LoCurto, and Mike Kawula

    • I love your list Mark. Jared’s a great guy and so is Chris LoCurto. Thanks for sharing who you would love to meet in person!

      • Joe, you’d certainly make that list too!…I figured that was a bit of a given since I was commenting on your blog!

    • The power of Social Media, right Mark! You get to meet great people when you engage, which is what we’ve done and now I happy to call you a friend. Likewise can’t wait to meet. Moving to Tampa in June and FL is a great place to visit (wink wink).

      Thanks also for introducing me now to Joe! Great list Joe. Alex is a firecracker for sure and love his ability to just “Flip the Switch” Take Action and Hustle!

      Have an Amazing Weekend ~ Mike

      • hmmmm, I like how you think Mike! Jared Easley’s in Florida too…I get a few more people down there I could make a trip of it!!

        • Bring the Family and you’ve got a home!

      • Thanks for stopping by Mike. I’m glad @marksieverkropp:disqus introduced you to me and my site. It’s my hope you’ll find it useful and we can become friends!

        • Joe, Mike hasnt met a person he couldn’t become friends with!

        • Its been awesome getting to know both Mark & the Great Matt McWilliams in a small Mastermind group. Love to jump on Skype for 20 minutes Joe one day and get to know each other better! Enjoy the weekend ~ Mike

          • I’m down with that Mike. Hit me up and we’ll make a date and time work.

  • Running a blogging conference, I see more people meet for the first time than I ever thought possible. In fact, we sell a t-shirt that says “I’ve never met my best friend”. #PowerOfBlogging

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  • DanKnight

    Jeremy Statton (and his wife). Joseph you “know” him, if your other readers don’t, Jeremy lives LIFE! He’s a surgeon, blogger, husband, father of I can’t remember…but what is most meaningful for me, is he & his wife have adopted three orphans. So really, without getting creepy, I’d love to meet his whole family. It takes guts and inner strength to keep going down the road of adventure Jeremy and his wife are on. Without a doubt, he’s top of the list.

    Others include: you Joseph (although I confess I’d rather run a 5K with you that talk blogging, because well running is good for the soul); Jeff Goins; Pat Flynn; Jonathan Wilson, Michael Hyatt.

    • Jeremy really is a great guy. He was even nice enough to meet up with me one day to have lunch in Kentucky. He’s an inspiration and someone I would recommend others follow.

      If you’re ever in Michigan, hit me up. I’d love to do a 5k with you. I think you’d really like meeting Michael. Having met him once, he’s a great guy.