15 Encouragements For Young Leaders

One of the greatest joys of my life has been pouring into the lives of young leaders. Seeing the hunger and drive of their youth is invigorating.

And yet we see young leaders fall to the wayside far too often. Hurt, discouraged, ready to give up.

This is why we must find ways to stay encouraged. A discouraged leader does his team no good.

Today I want to offer you 15 encouragements as you take the leadership journey. Some will apply to situations you’re currently facing. Others will apply to the situations that will be coming. Tuck these pieces of encouragement away and pull them out when you need them.

15 encouragements for young leaders

You’ll never fully arrive: What? This is an encouragement? Yes, if I do say so. Remember, the end will always be elusive. There will be times of frustration because you can’t see the end. That’s because it’s not there. Don’t stress arriving, enjoy the journey.

Always be learning: I can’t stress this enough. Never stop learning. Strive to learn something new everyday. When you become a continual learner, you’ll always be in a period of growth and in a position to spring ahead.

Reach someone below you: Choose someone to mentor that’s an emerging leader. Teach them what you’ve learned. Gain new knowledge you know will benefit them. Allow them to challenge you. An amazing thing will happen. You’ll teach them, they’ll teach you.

Take time to rest: Leaders want to always be on. We often overlook the importance of rest. Don’t make this mistake. Be intentional and schedule times of rest.

You can’t make everyone happy: Regardless of how hard you try, you can’t please everyone. Don’t sweat it. Give your best and let it stand on it’s own.

Form good relationships: Every needs someone they can rely on. Find good people and form relationships with them. They’ll lift you up when you’re down, challenge you when things are good, and keep you humble when you’re experiencing success.

Embrace change: Many people are scared of change. Don’t be. As a leader, you’ll see change come again and again. Embrace it and go with it.

Create a vision: Knowing the direction you want to go will be paramount in keeping you motivated. Create a vision and keep it in mind.

Protect your health: Don’t let your body fall into disrepair. Eat right. Exercise regularly. Bathe (-; If you’re unhealthy, it’s much harder to lead. Do what you can to stay physically fit.

Be proactive: Be willing to make decisions. This is what leaders do. They see what needs to be done and they decide on a course of action. See the problem. Make the decision. Carry out the decision.

Guard yourself against temptations: You may think temptations will never come your way. Don’t be foolish. There will always be temptation in front of you. Make the choice to avoid falling into temptations trap.

Be authentic: People don’t want to follow someone who is fake. Be honest and authentic. Let your true self shine through. Your team will appreciate this.

You have great responsibility: Uncle Ben in the Spider-Man comics said this best – “With great power comes great responsibility.” Your power is the ability to influence and guide others. Use this power wisely.

Take a stand on the important issues: There will be times when you’ll be challenged on what you believe. Stand firm in what you know and don’t waiver on the important issues. You’ll lose respect if you’re constantly flip-flopping.

Enjoy your time as a leader: Leadership positions are temporary and will come and go. Enjoy your time as a leader. It may be gone before you know it.

Question: What encouragements would you share with a young leader? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Great list. I encourage young leaders to create a vision and set goals that embrace your vision. 

    • Bernard, that’s awesome. Young leaders need to be encouraged to do that as it’s not something widely taught. 

    •  Vision is essential. Great addition Bernard.

  • Love these–and they aren’t just for the young! Great list, Joe.

  • DS

    Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but be an example…

    • Good advice DS. Just because someone is young doesn’t mean they don’t have value to add. If they’re able to step up and show it, they’ll get things done.

      • DS

        1. *1 Timothy 4:12 *

  • Taking a stand on important issues is so important. It shows how trustworthy you are. Integrity is vital in a leader. Once you lose it, it’s hard to get it back. 

    • So true TC. Speaking of Integrity, have you read Henry Cloud’s book Integrity? It deals with this issue specifically.

      • I haven’t read that, but it sounds good! Thanks for the suggestion.

        • You’re welcome TC. If you pick it up, please let me know what you thought of the book.

  • Take advantage of opportunities that come along. Don’t be afraid to fail. Be uncomfortable sometimes. Grow. Read a book, repeat.

    •  Great addition Tom.

    •  Love those Tom. Don’t be afraid to fail has to be towards the top of the list!

  • Those are great encouragements we can offer out people and young leaders. I think sharing with them the rewards and blessing of leadership payoff. Not necessarily financial or success but the positive impact that has changed and rubbed off on others. I know many times my small acts of kindness and leadership have made a huge impact on the youth I lead. Great post!

    • That’s a great addition Dan. I remember plenty of times seeing one of my leaders being rewarded for the work I had done (or so I had seen it) of meeting sales goals or customer totals. I would almost extend this to sharing in the financial rewards as well.

      •  Thanks man. It’s rewarding when it happens.

  • Always be asking and thinking about how you can do better.  It’s okay to ask “what can I do better next time?”

    •  Great addition Jon.

      • Thanks, Dan.  Honestly, this is something I learned from the very beginning of my career.  I tell all our new team members to learn this discipline.

        •  That’s a great mindset to have.

  • Joe,

    Personally, this was an amazing article.  I have been leading for a while and needed this encouragement.  Like you said, it is a journey and you never fully arrive.

  • Great read – I love the bullet point “Reach someone below you” as we often do most of our learning when employing what we just learned unto others. – Ryan

    • Ryan, have you experienced this for yourself? It’s a very rewarding experience and probably one of the best ways to push yourself forward as well. You’ve got to be at the top of your game to teach others.

      • I have Joe; most specifically when I had an Amway business. Network marketing is all about momentum so I would oftentimes be implementing new expertise and success mindset as soon as I had learned it. I found it an incredible way to keep me on my toes and hold myself accountable 🙂

        • That’s awesome Ryan. Glad you were able to quickly implement and find success. 

          Quick question, if you don’t mind. How’d you like Amway? I’m located in Amway central as Amway’s headquarters are located about an hour away.

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  • Svetlana Sonday

    “Release your inner energy as often as you can. It won’t always be there for you.”
    -Svetlana Sonday