You’re A Leader, Stop Waiting

Do you remember when you were younger and in a situation where an adult wasn’t around? Those times would either be really good or really bad.

Growing up I was taught about leadership and even saw it demonstrated in my home but during those times when no leader was around, I was as bad as everybody else.

Image by Mo Riza

Image by Mo Riza

There were times though when I knew I should step up and be the leader, be the voice of reason in all the chaos but I told myself that no one left me in charge.

Part of me just wanted to be “cool” like everyone else but another part of me was waiting to be told that I could be and was a leader.

Fast forward to today and too many of us are still waiting to be “picked.” To be told that we’re leaders instead of actually leading.

If you want to be a leader, lead

Here’s one lesson I should have learned back then, I didn’t need anyone to tell me I could and should lead. I could lead by stepping up and doing what was right.

This is a lesson I hope you truly grasp, you don’t need anyone’s permission, you don’t need to get picked, just lead!

For too long we’ve been trained to go with the flow and don’t ruffle any feathers but at this point we need strong leaders who won’t be afraid to step up. We need you to step up!

When you’re at work and there’s a lack of strong leadership, step up and lead. Don’t attempt to lead by being bossy and micro managing, lead by example.

When you’re in any situation that requires strong leadership step up, when everyone else is running the other way, step up and say stop!

People respect action and they respect a leader who’s willing to do hard work, they respect a leader who understands the concept of servant leadership.

If you have been waiting stop, just lead. You’re a leader when you start leading. You have everything you need, all that’s required is you stepping up.

We really need you to lead

There are so many great and strong leaders but we still need more. More then that, people in your immediate world need your strong leadership.

If you are going to be a strong leader you need to lead with action, talk is cheap and people can spot a talker.

Strong action inspired leadership changes the world and in case you haven’t turned on the news, we need a little changing.

We need you and your unique voice, we need what you have to offer but only if you’re willing to step up and stop waiting for someone to tell you what you already know in your heart.

Are you waiting to be picked or have you stepped up? Are you willing to lead?

Question: What can you do to lead today? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

This is a guest post by Kimanzi Constable who is a former bread delivery guy turned best-selling author (80,000 copies sold).  He is an international speaker and life coach  who helps people figure out what their dreams are and how to make them a reality.

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