Your Work Matters

There are days when we’ll feel down and out about the work we’re doing. Maybe it’s feeling you’re ineffective. Your influence isn’t growing. Or no one is listening.

I know there’s days I feel like this. To be honest, it can feel like a losing battle. But I have a great message for you today.

Your work matters.

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Really, it does. More than you’ll ever realize.

Through your leadership and work, you’re touching people others will never be able to reach. I can’t touch everyone. Neither can you.

Yet you can reach the people around you. And that matters.

Work That Mattered To Me

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Jeff Jones, the former drummer of Big Daddy Weave. He was able to share some of the great things he’s moving onto. To be honest, I’m excited for him and encourage you to check out what he’s doing.

Talking with him made me realize how much his work has mattered to thousands of people.

It also brought up the memories I had of my teenage and young adult years. Those days were filled with one concert after another.

To the bands, these shows were probably just another day on the road. To me and my friends, they meant more. Much more.

Each concert was a chance to connect with someone who was like me. Their lyrics touched our souls. Their presence gave us comfort.

Traveling in a band is tough. Band members give up so much to play to the crowd. Time with friends and family. Holidays. Birthdays. They miss most of these things.

There are days when the road seems to be cruel and not worth it.

But I want to say that their work mattered. Their concerts changed my life.

Your Work Matters

In much the same way, your work matters. People are waiting for your work to shine. Even if it’s behind a desk.

You have important work to do which will help move companies forward. Change lives forever. Maybe even save a life.

You’ll see many people come and go as a leader. Like seeds, there will be times you’ll see your influence impact a life right away. Unfortunately, many times of growth you’ll never see as the seed took longer to sprout.

I’ve seen this more times than I can count. Even when it looks like the lives of your tribe members are not being affected, they are. The influence needs time to marinate and come to the top.

This is a tough lesson to grasp. It’s taken me many years to realize how the bands I grew up watching affected my life. One day your tribe members will realize the same thing.

Do great work. Change people’s lives. You’ll do work that matters.

Question: Are you doing work that matters? What is it? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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