Who You Were Created To Be

Who’s your hero? The one person you wish you could be?

Is it your father? A role model? An athlete?

I’m sure there’s at least one person you could think of. There’s many people who pop into my mind.

Michael Hyatt, Dan Miller, Dave Ramsey, and a handful of other guys.


That’s all fine and good. We need to have positive role models to look up to. People who will pour into our lives and help us grow.

Problems arise when we begin to emulate everything they do. And when we desire to become them.


“But there’s so many great things about our role models,” you may say. True, true, and true.

They’re great people. They’re doing great things. They might even be saving babies.

However, you weren’t created to be Brendan Brouchard or Michael Hyatt. Not even close.

I know this from experience.

I’ve tried to imitate my favorite musicians. My role models. Etc… Every time I went away from my authentic self, I crashed and burned.

I walked away from those experiences feeling like a failure. Because I wasn’t being true to me.

Instead, be who you were meant to be.

You were created to be YOU.

And when you’re not you, you’ll run into problems:

  • Discontent
  • Frustration
  • Roadblocks
  • Failure

All because you’re doing something that’s not authentic to who you are.

You’re settling for a cheap imitation of the masterpiece you truly are.

We’re created to be who we are. Not those we admire.

What You Can Do About It

There’s nothing wrong with following in the footsteps of great men and women. We need to look up to someone. And it might as well be someone who is doing great work.

Yet, we need to draw a line in the sand when we see ourselves completely imitating what our role models are doing. We need to say “Enough is enough! I’m unique and I bring special talents that no one else can offer.”

When you find yourself completely imitating your role model, ask yourself what unique twist you can bring to the task at hand.

Could you:

  • Add a different perspective to the topic
  • Use a different medium to share your knowledge
  • Write in a style that is unique to you

Find something to set yourself apart. Don’t let yourself settle to be a carbon copy.

Discover your own voice. Discover your own message. Discover what you were created to do.

Question: How have you experienced failure by imitating someone else? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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