Who You Are Matters

Being a leader, you’re often in the spotlight. You’ve got people watching you from every which way.

Your team is looking to you for leadership advice. The outside world is looking to see if you live up to the standards of a leader. Your family is conscious of how you lead them.

What hobbies do you have?

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You can begin feeling like you’re a leader and nothing else.

But that’s not the truth. Our lives are compromised of so much more than our position as a leader.

You Are More Than A Leader


While the majority of your day to day duties may deal with leadership duties, you know deep down you’ve got more to offer the world. Heck, you want more from the world than to only lead.

We were created with desires. Desires to:

Have fun

Enjoy a steaming cup of chai latte

Go for an evening jog

Play the six-string guitar

Read the latest book in the Bourne Identity series (yes, these books are still being written!)

Aside from leadership, you are also creative, sensitive, caring. You have interests outside of leadership.

Don’t push those interests aside.

Embrace Your Interests

Focusing solely on improving your leadership is a grave mistake. Rather, focus on being a better person.

Pursue your passions. Pick up your guitar. Grab a thrilling fiction book. Assemble that model airplane that’s been sitting in it’s box the past 6 years.

Our interests are what makes us unique. They set us apart from others.

Be a leader. But also be a maker, creator, enjoyer of life.

This will make you a leader people are interested in following. Not only for your skills but for your interest in real-world activities.

Question: What are interests do you have outside of leadership? Let’s get to know each other a bit more and share these interests in the comment section below I’ll go first, so scroll down and find out what I enjoy outside of leadership.

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