What’s Your Plan For The New Year?

Tick tock. Tick tock. That’s the sound of 2014 coming to an end and 2015 starting.

Today’s the last day of the year. I truly can’t believe it’s already time to welcome in another year.

Are you ready to welcome in the new year? Do you have a plan in place to make 2015 the best year ever?

If not, you’re running low on time but it’s okay. You can still have a plan for the new year and rock it out.

Why Having A Plan Is A Good Idea

You know of people who complain that they experience the same situations over and over again. These people have fallen into a trap and can’t seem to get out.

Do you know why? The number one reason people don’t make a change is because they haven’t planned on making a change.

People fail because they fail to plan

This is why it’s a good idea to have a plan in place. Your groundwork is in place and you have a goal in sight.

Having a plan allows you to guide yourself to where you believe you need to go. A plan also allows you to put yourself on a course towards success.

Good Plans Are Fluid

I know of people who freeze up at the thought of planning out their lives. Heck, I’m one of those guys. I don’t like to have a plan but I do it anyways.

The good news is good plans aren’t concrete. Good plans aren’t set in stone. No, rather, good plans are fluid.

Why are good plans fluid? Easy, your plans must be fluid because no one can see fully into the future. There are so many variables in life that changes are bound to happen.

When changes happen, be willing to shift your plans. Allow your plans to flow around the change and go in the needed direction.

Don’t give up on planning solely because you see planning as a cage. Rather, see planning as an adventure. You set the course and then allow for changes.

There’s Still Time For A Plan

This post is cutting it close to the wire to encourage you to plan your new year. It’s New Year’s Eve for crying out loud, right?

That’s okay. The clock may be close to finishing out the new year yet you can still put a plan in motion for tomorrow and the coming year.

Choose today to spend an hour or two creating a plan. The plan doesn’t have to be anything fancy. As I mentioned earlier, the plan is a framework and it’s fluid. Getting the basics down will help get you going.

What should be in your plan? That’s up to you but I have a few suggestions on what needs to be in your plan for the new year:

Minor life changes – It’s overwhelming to think of what we want to change in our lives. That’s why I think it’s wise to figure out small changes that we can make to our lives. Think small and work out from there.

Major life goals – Now that you’ve got the small changes you want in your life out of the way, think of some of the major things you want to accomplish this year. Write these life goals down and see how you can accomplish them.

Relationships we want in our lives – The people we spend time with shape our lives more than we can imagine. Jim Rohn used to frequently say our net worth was the combination of the 5 people we spent the most time with. Make those relationships count this next year.

I know time’s short to create your plan for the new year but you can do it. Carve out just a little time today to get you on the right path to your best year ever.

Question: Do you have a plan for the new year? Why or why not? Let’s talk about this in the comment section below.

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