What Do You Want To Do?

Everyone wants more time. They want to spend more time with their kids. They want to travel more. They want to enjoy life more.

It’s a fact of life that we all desire to do and be something more. Most people aren’t pursuing what they want.


I think I discovered a significant reason why during a meeting with an ERP reseller for Acumatica. Larry, from an organization called Algorithm, asked those of us in the room a question. Larry asked:

If you won the PowerBall megamillions tonight and you had to continue to work, what would you do?

Others in the room had a quick answer. They shot off multiple different ideas.

Me… I sat and thought about it for a bit. Then some ideas began to flow.

What would I do? I would choose from the following:

  • Sell at comic conventions
  • Open up an art museum of the comic book art I have
  • Start a non-profit to teach others to lead well
  • Write 100 books

My ideas range from fun to business but they’re all part of what I am. I love comics, art, and helping people improve.

I thought of these ideas. What do they mean? Are these things I really want to do?

The next thought was shocking.

Why are you not doing them?

Ouch! That thought has produced in me something I didn’t know I had. It created a bit of sadness that I wasn’t pursuing things that were important to me.

I’ve come up with excuses since then. Yet, there’s a nagging at the back of my mind that I’m missing out on something.

And I am. I’m missing out on a few things that I really would like to do.

What Do You Want To Do?

Today, I want to ask you the same question. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO DO?

Do you have any idea of what you want to do with your life? With the resources you have?

We all have an inkling, a tickling of what we want to do. Yet, we don’t take action on these things.

We get scared. We fear that the money may not come in. Or that people may laugh at our dreams. Or that we’ll fail.

But what if the money came in? What if people didn’t laugh at you? And what if you didn’t fail?

What if, instead, you found yourself doing exactly what you love with the people you care about the most?

Think about that.

You may be able to do some extremely fun, but challenging, things for your career. Even for your leadership.

You have to be willing to step into the challenge. Think about what I’ve asked you today.

What do you want to do?

Figure out a plan that could make it a reality. Your dream may not be so far off from happening.

Give it a try. Enjoy yourself. Be you.

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