The Power Of Self-Reflection

If you could go back in time and communicate with yourself, what would you tell your younger self? Michelle Hoverson had this idea and acted on it.

Out of her idea was birthed the book Mentoring Moments With Myself: Letters To My Younger Self About Life, Faith, Love, And Leadership. In this book, Michelle writes letters to her younger self. She shares the insights she has gained from the painful and joyful experiences she endured.

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The book is a joy to read.

More than that, Mentoring Moments With Myself allows you to reflect on her stories and think about what you would say to your younger self. These moments of reflection are introspective and help you clarify your thinking.

I enjoyed Mentoring Moments With Myself so much I wanted to share with you my takeaways from the book.

The Power Of Self-Reflection – My Thoughts On Mentoring Moments With Myself

Mentoring Moments With Myself is a powerful reminder of what self-reflection can show you. Michelle uses her good times, bad times, and times in-between to help readers realize the moments in their lives are valuable, even the ugly moments.

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We have to go for it:

Within the first few pages of the book, there are two great quotes I pulled out. They are:

You will risk missing the miraculous if you choose safety and don’t go up the mountains.


You will realize your spiritual journey is more important than your earthly experiences.

These two quotes make the book more than worth it. We have to be willing to leave the shores of comfort and safety. We have to be willing to go to the unexplored regions of our world.

Doing this will challenge and stretch us. It will also give us the ability to do things we never thought we could.

The other quote is of spiritual importance. We have to think about our spiritual journey. It’s not a sidebar to our lives. Our spiritual journey is our life.

Don’t neglect your spiritual life for the experiences of your physical life. One is temporary. The other is eternal.

God cares about your soul more than your work:

One thing leaders often forget is that our work doesn’t define us. It may be what we do. It may be how we make a living. Yet it is not our life.

God cares about your work. God cares more about your soul.

Make sure you’re taking care of your soul while leading. If your soul isn’t cared for, you’re done.

Stop caring about greatness:

Michelle shared a story about Sister Gina. Gina wasn’t famous or great in the eyes of the world. However, she was faithful. She did what she was called to do. She did what mattered.

Michelle said:

Greatness is man’s desire. Fruitfulness is God’s desire for man.

What are you chasing after? Are you chasing after greatness? Are you chasing after fruitfulness?

For too long, I had chased after greatness. I wanted to be known by the world. I wanted people to know my name.

I’ve realized this isn’t what I was put here for. I was put on this earth to be fruitful. Fruitful how? Fruitful in:

  • Loving my wife
  • Teaching youth how to better love God
  • Sharing my knowledge with others

Whether the world knows me or not matters little. Where I’m fruitful does.

Break free from routines:

We get comfortable in our routines. Our routines can even give us comfort.

What our routines won’t give us is a sense of accomplishment. They won’t break us free from our fears and anxiety.

Break free from your routines and comfort zones. Learn how to live a life free in Christ.

If you enjoyed the thoughts I gleaned from Michelle’s book, be sure to pick up a copy of the book. Click the link to get to it – Mentoring Moments With Myself: Letters To My Younger Self About Life, Faith, Love, And Leadership.

Remember, there’s power in self-reflection. It will help you to see yourself more clearly, see what the moments in your life meant, and how you can use those moments to become something better than you currently are.

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