The Larger Impact Of Your Leadership

Take a moment and think about your leadership. Who does it affect? How far into the future will your leadership go?

These are two questions we need to think about. It’s the larger impact of leadership.

Leaders can often see well into the future. Leaders are the vision casters. The ones who create big schemes to do grand things.

If we’re thoughtful as a leader, we can guide the future of our leadership and raise up new leaders to take our place. This is how our leadership can have a lasting impact. In reality, the way we train up our team can carry onto generations we never thought we’d touch.

We’ve got to be mindful of the impact we’re leaving. Think about your legacy today. Picture it in your mind. Plan it out and create the road map that will be the guide as you lead.

Next, it comes to who are you affecting with your leadership.

We already know we affect the members of our teams. Those that we work closest with.

They may receive paychecks from the organization. Or they may get accolades from you and the rest of your staff.

Normally we stop here when we think of who our leadership affects. But we can’t stop there. We have to keep going.

There are multiple people your leadership will touch. People you may never meet.

Who are these people? They are:

The families of your team members: Family members are the unsung heroes of the working man or woman. They give up precious time with their loved ones so they can earn a paycheck and help your organization succeed.

When you decide that your team needs to put in crazy work hours, you’re affecting his family at home. They’re without a father for a couple of extra hours a night. They’re missing out on bonding time. Keep this in mind as you’re leading and demanding extra time from your team.

The vendors who provide you with valuable services: Many organizations use multiple vendors to get the materials they need to do business. These include cleaning services that provide uniforms, office supply companies that bring in the paper and ink you need to print documents, or the food vendor who brings in coffee for the coffee machine. Each of these people are touched by the way you lead.

If you’re rude to your team, you’re more than likely rude to these fine people as well. Be intentional to lead with a grateful heart. Say thank you when your products are dropped off. Write a kind note letting the vendors know they’re appreciated.

Sure, they’re doing their job but they’re also helping you run a successful business.

The local community: Your organization most likely has a local presence somewhere. This affects everyone in the area.

Decide to keep your organizations building looking good. Keep the grass mowed, the buildings painted, and the driveway clean.

Did you realize you affect more people than just the ones that come into work everyday? There’s hundreds and thousands of people you’re touching on a daily basis.

Make sure you’re leading in a way that these people and those in future generations will remember your organization in a positive light.

Question: How do you ensure you’re impacting the unseen in a positive way? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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