The 5 Styles Of Shoes Every Leader Should Own

While fashion may not be on the top of your list as a leader, fashion can play an important role in how people view you as a leader. I had previously talked with Colleen Hammond on how a leader needs to create their image.

It’s important but we often think it is not. Today, I want to share the 5 styles of shoes every leader should own. It’ll help boost not only your image but your self-confidence.

The 5 Styles Of Shoes Every Leader Should Own

People notice the shoes that we wear. My wife says it is one of the first things she notices about a person.

People will judge you based on what they see on your feet. Most of the time it will be good. Other times, people will see your shoes and judge you negatively.

I want to make you think about the shoes that you own. Do you own the essential styles of shoes every leader should own? I hope you do.

The styles of shoes every leader should own are:

Boat Shoes –

Boat shoes are a form of casual shoes. Originally worn by sailors, the casual shoe wearer has begun wearing these shoes. They’re comfortable and can look good. Many boat shoes are slip ons and can be seen as a status symbol.

Sperry is probably the most well-known boat shoe manufacturer. You can’t go wrong with one of their boat shoes.

The Classic High Top –

The Classic High Top shoes are a great looking shoe. The top of the shoe extends beyond the ankle and covers They’re traditionally associated with basketball but people outside of the sport of basketball wear high-top sneakers. They have a great, classic look while providing comfort.

Reebok makes a mean high-top sneaker. You can use Slickdeals to find a great deal on Reebok shoes.

A Great Running Shoe –

Running shoes should be an essential part of a leader’s wardrobe. This isn’t to provide style to a leader’s look. Rather, running shoes provide a great way to get you out of the office and on the trail.

You use your running shoes to perform cardio exercises. This helps a leader to stay in shape and get fit.

My favorite running shoes are the zero drop shoes from Altra.

An Oxford Shoe –

The Oxford shoe is a classic men’s dress shoe. The shoe has a closed lacing system. It has a great, clean appearance. It pairs well with a suit, jeans, or anything else you may throw at them.

A Plain Toe Boot –

The plain toe boot has a nice, classic style. It is timelessly designed and will be functional while looking good. Every leader should have a great pair of plain toe boots in their wardrobe.

Wearing these boots will make you feel like a million bucks while not breaking the bank.

Your shoes will say something about you. What they say is up to you. Choose your shoe styles wisely.

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