Lead Simply To Lead Well

In my years of leadership, I’ve noticed a frustrating phenomenon. That is the process in which we make simple concepts into extremely complicated and convoluted processes.

Instead of leading simply, we make it so that we’re leading complexly. Then we wonder why leadership is so hard.

You can lead simply and lead well

We Make Leadership Harder Than It Needs To Be

Leadership can appear very complex when you look at it from the outside. Heck, leadership appears complex from the inside as well.

Or that’s the way we make leadership appear.

Over the course of our time as a leader, we can make it much more complex than it needs to be.

We begin using corporate jargon that takes a practicing lawyer to understand. We create process flows that only a structural engineer can decipher.

We place barrier after barrier to leadership. We make leadership way harder than it needs to be.

What Is Simple Leadership?

In my recent post on 5 Reasons Why Simple Leadership Rocks, a reader called me out in the comment section. And, to be honest, I deserved to be called out.

While my post explained why leading simply rocked, I forgot to explain and show how you can lead simply. Thanks to Caleb, you’ll get that in this post.

Leaders have been taught again and again that leadership is difficult. Your processes should be understood only by you and only you should be in control.

This has made leadership much more difficult than it should be. Instead, you should be leading simply.

What Is Simple Leadership?

Now, I don’t want to get overcomplicated in this post. It is, after all, about leading simply and effectively. There shouldn’t be much confusion to this after the post is done.

5 Reasons Why Simple Leadership Rocks

I think we’ve been sold a lie. That leadership has to be difficult and complicated. But a recent blog post about unconventional ways to lead brought out that many leaders have learned the truth.

Simple leadership rocks and more leaders need to hop onto the train.

While I’m a fan of simple leadership, it got me thinking about the reason why. I believe it deserves a deeper look.

After thinking through the reasons why our leadership needs to be simple, I came up with 5 reasons to lead with simplicity.

1. Simple leadership allows for clear communication: When leaders are leading with simplicity, they’re much more apt to speak and communicate with a simpler message. This allows the leader to give directions in ways their team members will understand. It also helps prevent misunderstandings.