16 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Baby Driver

A Reel Leadership Article

Baby Driver is a stylized, modern gangster movie. A young man, Baby, gets caught up in a life of crime after he stole the car of a professional thief. From there, his life spirals downhill.

While there’s no real leaders in Baby Driver, there are leadership lessons in Baby Driver. The theme of bad leadership runs throughout the movie and you can learn quite a bit from the actions of the bad leaders and those who followed them.

leadership lessons from Baby Driver

Let’s dig into the leadership lessons from Baby Driver!

CAUTION: Baby Driver spoilers below


Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Baby Driver

1. Thank people:

If you view Baby Driver in the theater, you’ll be treated to a brief thank you from the director of Baby Driver. Edgar Wright recorded a thank you message to audiences watching the movie as he intended. He wants people to watch Baby Driver on the big screen. It’s how he envisioned people enjoying the movie.

10 Leaders You Need To Follow Today

Great leaders are also great followers. They seek mentors who will spur them along in their leadership.

These follower leaders also know they need to continue to learn and grow. That’s why the follow other leaders.

Today, I want to take a look at 10 leaders every leader needs to follow.

10 Leaders You Need To Follow Today

  1. Phil Cooke

    I’ve been reading Phil’s blog for as long as I can remember. His articles spur the reader to embrace change.

  2. Jenni Catron

    Jenni is an amazing speaker and author. She’s also a former podcast guest on Answers From Leadership.

    If you need help putting feet to vision, Jenni is the leadership coach for you.

  3. Skip Prichard

    Much like Phil, I’ve been following Skip for quite some time. His insights into the world of leadership constantly challenge me to improve and grow.

What Are You Making?

With all the talk about vision and mission, we forget a simple truth. Through our leading, we are making something unique.

Now, we’re not all creating the same thing. Yet we’re all forging a new future.

The Mindset To Have

As leaders, our mission is to grow our organizations, our churches, or our businesses. We are tasked with bringing in more people or creating more disciples.

This growth mindset clouds the real mindset leaders should have

That mindset is to grow other leaders. That mindset is to influence our followers to take actions. That mindset is to help those we lead to make better choices.

What do the above tasks have in common?

Looking deeper at growing leaders, influencing followers, and helping others make better choices, we can see there’s a common thread. The common thread is that leaders are meant to make and create.

Learning From Local Leaders

With the advent of the internet, it’s never been easier to connect with big-name leaders. Guys like Michael Hyatt, Jeff Goins, or Guy Kawasaki are a website away.

But with this in mind, don’t forget about your local leaders. Those doing wonderful things in your local community. There are just as many great leaders in your town as there are in any other.

The great thing about these leaders? You can normally sit down and converse with them in person. I won’t lie, there’s nothing like connecting in person.

Sometimes I forget how many great leaders there are locally too. So don’t worry if you have this problem. It happens, especially with all the glitz and glamor you see associated with the big names.

That’s why I was excited to see the Muskegon Chamber of Commerce honor 15 young and upcoming leaders in my city with the new Future 15 award.